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The fortune 100 best companies to work for are associated with providing the best employment practices around the globe. These companies usually hire their employees either by using advertisements or by hiring a third party i. e. the national placement agencies to interview job seekers and match their skills and qualifications with the specific job openings required by these companies. In order to do so, our organization makes sure that the candidates coming to us have the skills and qualifications which match with a job opening.

Being associated with the fortune 100 best companies can be very fruitful for the business as these firms not only provide better working environments for their employees but are also known for the trust and integrity people/organizations have with them. Nowadays, due to global recession period, there is an increased trend of down-sizing in most of the small and some large organizations. This ultimately leads to a reduced business of our placement agency and can create havoc for job seekers, especially the ones who are fresh graduate.

Purpose This report aims to study the prospects of success that would result in establishing a relationship with these companies and the chances of Saint Leo’s fresh graduates to be employees in one of these firms. Scope This report will be helpful for the employees of the placement agency to better understand the terms their agency have with some of the fortune best companies, and for the students of Saint Leo’s University it will guide them in choosing the firm of their choice according to their qualification and skills. Limitations

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The information regarding all of the fortune 100 best companies cannot be included in the report; this might lead to a limited set of knowledge for the employees of the placement agency and for the students of Saint Leo’s University. The Fortune 100 Best Companies According to the new list of the fortune 100, the top 10 best companies include: 1. SAS, with 5,487 employees and a growth rate of 2% per annum. 2. Edward Jones, with 37,079 employees and a growth rate of 8% per annum. 3. Wegmans Food Market, with 36,770 employees. 4. Google. 5. Nugget Market. 6. DreamWorks Animation SKG. 7. NetApp. 8. Boston Consulting Group.

9. Qualcomm 10. Camden Property Trust. SAS Since 13 years, SAS has been one of the best performing companies because it possess a laundry list of benefits, they provide high quality child care just at $410 a month, along with this they provide their employees a 90% coverage of their health insurance premium and medical facilities that cost the employees nothing. The architecture of the organizational culture is based on trust and integrity among the employees and the company. One good reason why one would think SAS is a good company is because it has had only one CEO in all those 34 years of history, Mr.

Jim Goodnight, who is still serving the organization, driving it to highest profit that sprint around $2,300 million in 2008. People at SAS are committed to help their customers in a way that they can get a real competitive advantage over others. SAS do this by providing exclusive soft-wares that convert raw data into vital enterprise intelligence. If our consulting agency develops a flexible relationship with SAS we can achieve our targets more efficiently. The softwares designed by SAS can solve the business problems keeping an insight on the challenges which any organization can faces in the corporate world.

The consultant at SAS guides the company to have tailored softwares to fulfill the unique business requirements of the organization. We have the opportunity to make our operations better by utilizing the SAS services and in return provide them our services of finding them better employees that matches with their specific job requirements. (SAS, n. d) Students who have completed their BS in the any discipline related to computer technology can be a part of SAS, but for that they have to be very determined as SAS does not compromise on skills.

If these students fit the requirements of the organization they will be enjoying an employment that provides an entire array of opportunities for their career growth. Figure 1, Source: Job Graphs This graph shows the increasing number of jobs in SAS for Business Intelligence Software, the highest number of jobs acquired in July 2010 was in the US. This graph shows the continuous process of SAS recruiting around the globe, indicating that fresh graduates can be a part of the organization. Edward Jones

What makes this company best is that in even tough time of such economic crunches the investment advisor company battered the recession and did not close even one of its 12,615 offices or terminates even one of its employees, and the profit sharing with the employees continued. It is the market leader in the investment industry. Edward Jones believes in establishing long term relationships with their clients and serving their needs to their fullest possible extent. They provide help to their customers through different communities that they serve.

The turnover rate of their employees is very low; moreover, Edward Jones tends to give opportunities to new talent as well. They want to expand their business through providing exciting opportunities to fresh graduates who are highly motivated. Full time opportunities are available for students along with a twelve to eighteen months Rotational Program for students who are in the senior year of their college. In this program students are provided the opportunity to work under different divisions of the firm so that they can control their career paths. Saint Leo’s graduates can also avail this opportunity.

(Jones, n. d) The graph shown below clearly shows the increasing trends of employment in Edward Jones. The matching jobs in Edward Jones have increased drastically in June ’10 due to the placement agencies. This can be a good sign for our business expansion. Figure 2, Source: Simply hired For our placement agency to join hands with Edward Jones, it is a good deal. It can make our business better in a way that the marketing strategies of will be modified according to the business requirements. Saint Leo’s graduates whom we help in finding jobs can also be benefited from it. Wegmans Food Markets

Wegmans is rated as one of the best grocery stores in the US. The unique feature of Wegmans Food Markets is that, in the history of its 94-years of operations Wegmans have never laid off any employee. To-date, more than 4000 employees are working in the stores, amongst which 11% have spent over 15 years working for Wegmans. The company believes in diversifying the business as it inspires new ways of thinking which supports its drive for constant improvement and being an employer of choice. People at Wegmans consider diversity as more of a business opportunity rather than a necessity.

The reasons why Wegmans think has achieved success in the market and have won the heart of its customers, are the people. They are no secret ingredient why people love to shop at the Wegmans stores. In a nut shell, it could be simply said that Wegmans value all of its employees may they are working as part time or full time employees. For our placement agency, keeping relationships with Wegmans can help do our job better is possible because these kinds of store require more part time employees and they can be approached very easily. It will help our agency to get more profits and make our business strategy much firmer.

Saint Leo’s graduates as well as undergraduates can get an employment opportunity at Wegmans both as full time and part time employees. They offer career development through training program. They offer Youth programs in which students are offer 1500+hours of paid, school supervised work experience, supported by related instructions at school. This program is providing opportunities for students since the year 2000 and is very popular among students. (Wegmans, n. d) Figure 3, Source: Bridgep This graph shows the increasing trends of employment in Wegmans stores.

According to a research conducted the share of youth hold only 11% of the jobs in Wegmans which is equal to approximately 200 jobs in Wegmans. But the research suggests that there is a room for improvement and that the 200 jobs are not the ceiling in Wegmans now for the youth. It has now increased to 400 jobs offered to the students around the US, providing more job opportunities to fresh graduates. Google The king of Search Engine; Google’s commitment to innovation depends on making its employees comfortable. Every employee at Google is a contributor towards its success and is valued by the company.

Employees can easily discuss their ideas to the top management. As Google prefer ability over experience, there is an increasing trend in the employment. People who have the ability to take problems as challenges are the one Google always look for. The secret of success of Google lies in making the employees comfortable for which it offers different kinds of recreational facilities in the office premises which employees can avail any time when they are free. Google has acquired many small companies which is an open witness of its growing success in the industry. (Google, n. d)

Placement agencies work could be made better if they are associated with Google because the company provides great pays to placement agencies. In addition, if Google is associated with the placement agency it would increase the credibility of that placement firm and other companies will also hire them to search employees on their behalf. Saint Leo’s students can also get employed in Google after completing their graduate program. Google does not look for experience as they prefer their employees to be competent enough to bring new innovations in making the lives of the users much easier.

The graph shown below indicates that the employment ratio at Google Wacker has increased drastically in June 2010. As compared to the previous years as Google has always encouraged new talent, they just have to articulate the skills with the role that has been assigned to them at Google. Figure 4, Source: Simply hired DreamWorks Animation SKG DreamWorks animation is the ultimate desire of any artist to work for. People at DreamWorks enjoy the culture of openness and full collaboration.

The success of dream work has led it to a market position which comes to a few companies in a short period of time. DreamWorks fosters to embrace a culture where innovation, collaboration and creativity go hand in hands. DreamWorks have attracted artists from around the globe due to its collaborative culture and still believes on diversified work force. The staff of DreamWorks animation comes from 30 different companies around the globe belonging to different educational backgrounds. The company provides its employees an environment where artist can create the greatest movie ideas.

DreamWorks animation works with different art school across the country as well as overseas to find students who might have the potential for being the future DreamWorks artist. Students who are dedicated, enthusiastic and full of ideas are the one DreamWorks looks for. Students doing BA at Saint Leo’s University can be a part of the DreamWorks Animations and can build a strong career path. (Animations, n. d) NetApp NetApp is one of the market leaders of innovative products, manufacturing storage systems and software that helps the customers across the globe to store, protect, manage and retain one of their most precious asset; their data.

NetApp is recognized for their constant pushing of the latest technology enabling their customers to make a right choice of having the capabilities that are required to be successful while being in their budget. The company provides a wide range of assistance to its customers and the communities they serve. NetApp believes trust, integrity, teamwork and synergy among employees are the core values that can lead any company to the skies of success. (NetApp, n. d) NetApp values its employees and provide them proper working environment in order to retain them, because employees are the most valuable asset for the organization.

NetApp provides fresh graduates exciting employment opportunities to build their career. The company also provides internship opportunities for undergraduate students. NetApp also conducts on-campus hiring events. Saint Leo’s University students have the prospects to be the future employees of NetApp. As for the placement agency to be a part of this organization, it would definitely make the operations better because such companies often require talented employees which our agency can provide (referring to Saint Leo’s students).

Apart from this data management solutions can also be provided by the organization for our placement agency which will help in maintaining employment records according to a company’s specific job requirements. Figure 5, Source: Indeed This graph shows the increasing job trends at NetApp, despite of the severe economic crunches NetApp is still hiring people, which is a very good sign. Boston Consulting Group Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a leading management consulting firm across the globe is also the world’s chief advisor on business strategy. The clients of BCG exist in all sectors and regions.

It aims to address their most critical business challenges, identifying the most valued opportunities and to transform the businesses of its clients. BCG makes sure that its clients get a competitive edge over others in the market and have lasting results. The company views itself as an agent of change for its clients. What makes BCG on of the great companies is that it provides it employees’ incredible remuneration packages along with benefits. Employees having entry level positions can easily earn up to $184000 per annum which includes all the bonuses and other allowance.

BCG aims to hire employees that are talented and ambitious. BCG believes that integrity, respect for every individual and diversity is some of the crucial intra-organizational factors that lead to the success of a business. The company has deep insight on the industrial and functional expertise with the help of which the organization has developed approaches that enable and mobilize the organizations to work towards their strategies. BCG offers internship programs for undergraduates, these internships are designed to make students aware of the prospects of joining a consulting firm and what it might offer them.

This is done through assigning real projects to the students through which they can learn something. Saint Leo’s students can take advantage of these internships and can learn accordingly. (BCG, n. d) The placement agency can do better if it establishes strong relationship in a way that the firm will be providing consulting tips to streamline the business strategies and stay successful. Conclusion Among the organizations that are included in the list of 100 fortunes best companies to work for, some have been explained of how they have made it to their current ranking.

These organizations are those for whom people are always eager to work for be it any post ranging from entry level to the executive positions. These companies have made their way to these positions after working hard and falling right on the expectations of their customers. Is the consulting agency has to establish some exclusive relationships with any of these explained companies then the most recommended one would be the Boston Consulting Group. The reason behind that is, BSG is a renowned company for making businesses successful by transforming their worst strategies to one that will lead to instant success in the market.

The consultation of BCG will help develop the placement agency and make it get the competitive edge among other placement agencies. Moreover, if the placement agency is providing the students of Saint Leo’s university a helping hand in finding jobs according to their skills and qualification then, BCG would be the one who can provide full time assistance to the agency in making different set of procedures to help out these students in choosing their respective careers. BCG also supports education around the globe covers all key factors of improvement in education.

This can provide the students of the universities associated with the placement agency to gain knowledge on a global scale along with innovation. References Animation D, (n. d. ) Outreach and Entry Level Hiring, Retrieved Aug 11, 2010, from, http://careers. dreamworksanimation. com/outreach. php BCG, (n. d), Internships, Retrieved Aug 11, 2010, from, http://www. bcg. com/careers/is_bcg_for_me/internships/default. aspx Bridgep, (n. d) Profile of Wegmans Jobs.

(Retrieved Aug 11, 2010, from, http://www. bridgep. org/LearningCenter/ResourceDetail. aspx? id=362 Google, (n. d), The Google Culture, Retrieved Aug 11, 2010, from, http://www. google. com. pk/intl/en/corporate/culture. html Hired, S. (n. d), Job Trends in Edward Jones, Retrieved Aug 11, 2010, from, http://www. simplyhired. com/a/jobtrends/trend/q-Edward+Jones+Dome Indeed, (n. d), Job Trends at NetApp, Retrieved Aug 11, 2010, from, http://www. indeed. com/cmp/Netapp Jobgraphs, (n. d) Job Trends in SAS, Retrieved Aug 11, 2010, from, http://jobgraphs. com/sas-bi/

Jones, E. (n. d) Full Time Opportunities, Retrieved Aug 11, 2010, from, http://careers. edwardjones. com/us/students/Full-TimeOpportunities/index. html NetApp, (n. d), Our Story Retrieved Aug 11, 2010, from, http://www. netapp. com/us/company/our-story/ SAS, (n. d), SAS consulting, Retrieved Aug 11, 2010, from, http://www. sas. com/consult/ Wegmans, (n. d), Wegmans Youth Program, Retrieved Aug 11, 2010, from, http://www. wegmans. com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay? storeId=10052&partNumber=UNIVERSAL_4369

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