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Food Inc Essay

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| | | | | Food Inc 4/6/13 In class last Tuesday we watched a documentary called Food Inc. This film was an eye opener for most people but being that I am a sixth generation farmer I understand how the seed, meat, and poultry corporations work. This film discussed the problems with the food industry today, and what we need to do to change the future of how our food is made and processed. In the first section of this documentary they talked about the food industry as a whole and how most of the food industry is ran by four or five big industries.

This should not be how it is ran as off right now and today these companies are monopolies and run unsafe facilities not for just the people that work there but how the production process is ran. This documentary also covered the meat is being produced in unsafe and unnatural way. While feeding cattle corn is a great way to make them larger quicker, it still is not the right way to feed cattle because feeding them too much corn can cause them to die because of a disease called e-coli.

When cattle get this disease it sometimes is not caught and the cow gets slaughtered and ends up on our dinner plate and then we receive the disease by eating the meat. This needs to change cows need to be fed grass and hay, and should not be on a corn only diet. This film also covered the poultry industry and how poultry is being grown at a very fast rate and how the chicken houses are not safe or very sanitary. The poultry houses are sealed with no sunlight. Chickens in these houses are bigger and grown at a faster rate which often leads to death and disease.

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The last section of this film talks about the seed corporation. During this section they discussed how farmers were getting the short end of the stick with trying to battle with Monsanto, which is the largest seed producing company in America. It is bad that farmers only have one place to go for seed for crops and after Monsanto buys all the other seed companies in America where do farmers turn when they don’t have the funds to keep running. Those farmers turn to banks for loans to buy the seed from this company and hopes that it will produce. If that seed doesn’t produce a good crop farmers go bankrupt.

This documentary doesn’t state but shows what America’s food industry is turning into and is heading to a monopoly industry. The food industry is failing as a whole and America should take it back by growing and raising our own food. We should rely less on foods that are highly processed, and put more back to farmers to make a new food industry. Without farmers America would fail. It’s like my Father always says “farmers built this country, and only a farmer can rebuild it”. We need to change what we are doing to our food, in the end we are only hurting ourselves by producing poor food quality.

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