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First Day of School

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First day of school and first period gives us an essay.

"Now, where is room 4C," I mutter.

On my way to my English, I finally notice the eerie atmosphere of the school.

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"Hello, anyone here?" I say with my outdoor voice.

The halls and lunch areas are completely empty and the ceiling lights are flickering. I slowly start to regret walking to school. I begin to feel an eerie presence stalking me and I trail my hands to my hidden shoulder holster and grip my handgun. I enter a hall and take a glance behind me before closing the door. The hall has a few dim lights and there is trash all over the floor, definition of filthy. I walk over to class, still having my hand gripped to the loaded pistol. The door is badly scratched and is almost coming off the hinge, very suspicious.

"I've got a really bad feeling about this," I whisper to myself to make sure my ears are still working.

I slowly open the door and look inside. The stench of blood and drugs fill the room. Desks were out of order and flipped over; the whiteboard is dusty and scratched. I notice writing in blood on the wall that says, "Fiji Freshman, we're coming for you." I hear the clashing of chairs down the hallway and immediately detach my backpack and arm my pistol. I cautiously walk out the class and see a figure walking towards me.

"Stop where you're at! I'll shoot!" I yell out in an aggressive fashion.

"Garr...," it mumbles as it slowly limps its way to me.

After a few moments, I notice something strange. This is no ordinary figure; it had no eyes and a stitched mouth. Blood is dripping from every part of its body and its skin is pale as a ghost.

"Arrrgghhh!" the creature grunts as sprints towards me.

Out of a split second decision, I start running down the hall for my life.

I reach a comer and quickly slid under a pile of debris. I dust off my clothes and take out my phone. No signal. And just when I thought I lost the figure, it starts sprinting right in front of me, out of nowhere. Before I could react, it slapped me across the face with its damp fingerless hands twice, and after the third slap, I passed out.

My eyes slowly opened and just as I regain consciousness to my muscles, I realize that

I'm in a small, dark room,

"Where am I?" I think to myself as I rub my head.

All of my equipment has been stripped from me and I could barely see anything. It is like being locked inside a chest, and you don't know what's in with you. I feel my way along the rooms and find a light switch and flip it on. I spot the door, but it was locked. I kicked it open and noticed my bag and equipment sitting right in front of me. I felt a punch to the right of my side and automatically responded with a punch, the figure was stunned for long enough for me to grab my gun. I pointed it straight at the face and fired at point blank.

Suddenly, I heard rumbling and the ceiling started falling apart. From the left, I heard an extremely distant growl. Sounded almost like a stampede. I focused as hard as I could to the left and saw that it was a giant worm crawling straight at me. I quickly picked up my bags and made a run for it.

As I am on the second floor of the school, I quickly glance at the upcoming classrooms; chemistry's room is coming up. I head straight into the classroom. I take out my phone to use as a flashlight and begin looking for materials to neutralize whatever is following me. I figure I have a good minute or maybe two if I'm lucky.

"Ok, I need acetone, hydrogen peroxide, and muriatic acid," I say to myself aloud. The room was destroyed and unorganized, the stench of death linger around making it a more difficult task for me. I knock over shelves and open cabinets looking for the required chemicals. I finally find the drawer that has everything I need: acetone, hydrogen peroxide, and muriatic acid. I quickly grab an empty jar and ran out of the room whilst mixing the ingredients together. Perfect timing, the worm is right behind me with his mouth wide open. I jump down the set of stairs and twist my torso to throw the jar straight into its mouth.

"Ha, take that you little worm," I say.

In a few moments, the worm is in pieces. Blood and green guts splatter over walls and the building begins to fall apart. I jump over tables and debris and finally see the entrance of the school. My legs are starting to give away as I go through my second wind to rush to the door and dive roll out. The air is filthy and had a putrid acidic atmosphere, not good. I continue running to make sure that I wouldn't inhale any bad gases.

After running a good 200 feet away, I look back. The school is in ruins.

"Not as bad as last time though, when it was aliens attacking," I say while pulling up my pants.

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