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Fargo Publishing Company

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Fargo publishing is a book publishing industry located in Fargo city. This is a competitive book publishing industry with agents varying for the business of up and coming writers and their novels. This book press ranges from small presses to large conglomerates. This company comprises of a large number of employees who are involved in many activities including the preparation, running and packing of several production runs. Because of a vast number of workers, the company is involved competitive human resource management system to manage its workers.

Especially in managing the workers’ payment systems, the management has to device an appropriate way to integrate their human resource management practices with the payroll database. This is because, the mode of working of its employees possess difficulties to determine the wages due for them (UBS). Human resource management is a huge responsibility in any organization and comprises of vast activities critical for the success factors of an entity. This ranges from maintaining employees’ records to payroll databases.

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The payroll database refers to a system and a process at the intersection of human resource management and the information technology. It merges the human resource management and the processes with the information technology fields. The main advantage of integrating the human resource management and the payroll database is to be able to handle large amount of data transactions. The payroll database automates the pay processes by gathering the employees’ data on time, attendance, calculating various deductions and taxes.

It further generates periodic pay checks and the employees’ tax reports. The system involves all employee related transactions and later integrating them with their financial related services. The human resource management is involved in many activities concerning the databases to ensure efficient management of the high number of workers employed which is an added advantage to the overall management of the whole company (Arain, 2009).

In addition to the above benefits as a result of the integration of the human resource management with the databases, the company will be able to involve in a system which administers and tracks employees’ participation in the related benefits programs. Such benefits may include insurance benefits, profit sharing, and retirement benefits. The scrutiny of the employees’ database system will provide a platform for better decision making on these employees benefits. Further still, by this integration, it is made easy to gather the standardized time and the related work efforts for better work evaluation.

Here there is a resulting flexibility in data collection and also the labor distribution capabilities which helps the human resource management to determine the employees pay more easily and effectively (Arain, 2009). There are a number of problems that relate to the labor force in Fargo publishing company. With this company, each day production employee inserts their time cards into a box that print time of the day they arrive for work and time they leave from work. The human resource checks the time cards on weekly basis and manually inputs each employee’s time into the payroll computers.

Further, this goes back to the production supervisors ,its is adjusted, sent back to human resource who then send a copy to cost and accounting and another copy to the accountant . This process is lengthy, time consuming and costly. Since human resource is data intensive, involving several if not all departments in the company then a system that would integrate human resource and payroll data base is needed. An integrated system would make the human resource more informed, better in decision making and lead to a more productive human resource.

In turn, the entire company would gain by reducing time spent manually transferring each employee’s data manually, sending data to the production supervisors, and accounts department (Lori, 2001). Because of the increasingly need for the selection and evaluation of the payroll process in the company for effective human resource performance, the human resource management should be effective and efficient in tracking the data of the employees, which includes the histories, skills, and the salaries, more easily and fast without delays.

Therefore, in order to reduce the workload of the activities of the human resource management, the company should implement and use the system of electronically automated techniques which shall rely on the internal and external information technology professionals who develop and maintain the integrated human resource management systems which are more fast and easy to track the employees’ database systems.

This integrated information technology system can handle large amount of data transactions concerning the employees’ payroll, work time, and their performance records which is the most essential problem facing the Fargo publishing company (Lori, 2001). Being data intensive, human resource department has to embrace technology; this will help in data collection that will in turn be used strategically for instance, in developing compensation systems tied to knowledge and skills of employees.

The system will help track training skills and competencies. The system will reduce productive time wasted by employees reporting late or leaving work earlier as this will be deducted automatically from their pay depending on the system in use (Arain, 2009). In order to prefect in managing the employees’ databases on the payrolls, the human resource management should get involved in the proper and efficient recruitment of the employees in the organization.

In this area, online recruitment should be implemented in the system which supervises the way in which employees are being managed. This should encompass recruitment through the recruiting sites or the publications that market the applicants and the recruiters. This will consequently reduce the costs incurred in the recruitment programs and hence make it easy for the human resource management to manage the company employees (Lori, 2009).

All these recommendations proposed for Fargo publishing company are specifically meant to bring about savings for the human resource management. They can on the other hand be measured in order to determine their extent and application in operation. The cost saving recommendations can be measured using the lifecycle performance framework which comprises of a group of the performance related processes and tactics that are combined to bring into focus more effectively the awareness of performance appraisal and management in an organization.

The effectiveness of these cost saving techniques on the employees management can be easily and effectively be calculated and determined which is very beneficial to the human resource management in the Fargo publishing company which has a large number of employees who work for the company. The determination of the cost saving techniques for the company is essential since it makes the company to be competitive in the books market which has a large number of competitive firms operating in the industry (Moorhead, 2009). List of references Lori. B. , (January, 2001).

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