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Experience as a Writer

My experience as a writer as another individual in society and being student in school writing is a part of life. Living in another state and being so far away from family I write my love ones back home because a letter can mean more than a phone call sometimes. Going to school writing is everyday thing between assignments and taken notes every time you write your writing skills get better. Certain jobs require written answer on their application in order to get hired. I’m pretty sure in the career I’m choosing ill encounter question that require writhing answer.

Writing to me is a valuable ability. It plays s a major role in communication.

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Under certain circumstance an individual may person could be in the military away to basic training or overseas and don’t have access to electrical devices. To be honest I really don’t like writing because I had bad experience about not staying on topic or not making complete sentence. I have a hard time by you use punctuation in the right way. I don’t know how to grab people attention when I’m writing. I have a hard time staying on one topic.

I love to learn more about it and have better experiences as a writer. My 10th grade year in high school, my English teacher gave us an writing assignment which was an essay before Christmas break the last day of school and to start Christmas break my teacher gave us our grad and mines was below passing. Focuses an advancing my writing in skills in which I did passed my English class for the year. I realized that in order to do better you have to put forth the effort and determination once success is made it only make you want to keep succeeding in away is motivation.

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