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Example of Critical Thinking

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I dropped out of college 3 times since I graduated from high school. The challenging part about it is that I know I need an education to be successful in life and to support my family but I often get bored with school very fast. If its not interesting or doesn’t grab my attention, I’m not interested. I barely made it out of high school. So this time I felt I had to do something with my life besides living. I decided to go back to school and what was challenging was the decision to even go back to school.

Two questions I had about that problem of dropping out were, do I really want to go back to school? What could I do differently that I didn’t do at my last 3 schools I went to? After thinking about the career path that I wanted to work towards, I did my research on different schools with my chosen degree program.

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The school choices were Phoenix University, Ashford University, and Devry University. My oldest sister attended Phoenix University to become a schoolteacher. She told me stories about her classes, instructors, and difficulty dealing with peers in class.

She also had problems dealing with finances for school and they were giving her a hard time. So taking her experience with that school and doing research on my own, I decided that that school would not be a good fit for me, (facts & opinions) My past experiences with online schools and my decision on choosing Ashford for my choice of school to work towards my degree came from wanting a school that will work with my busy schedule and me. I needed Instructors that are willing to help you instead of telling what to do and expecting you to figure out what it is that you’re trying to learning.

I needed a school that would be fair and helpful when needed. These things I’ve listed were things I weren’t getting from my past schools I’ve attended. I also had take blame for my action as well. Turning in late work or not at all. Procrastinating to get things done and turned in on time. I have to focus on my goal and that is to graduate with a degree and become the successful person my grandmother would want me to be. In conclusion, I believe if I work hard, stay focused and do my work I will be successful this go round with school here at Ashford University.

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