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Critical Thinking Model Example

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1. I believe a college education is the most important goal a young person should pursue. 2. From my point of view the concept of a ‘college’ is an accredited institution that offers a liberal arts program in addition to specific subject areas. Its importance should be in the top 3 areas of a young person’s life. 3. An example would be the small college I attended where I was introduced to a broad liberal education. 4. I have always held this view.

My parents influenced me and then I was able to ‘test’ this view out when I chose my college and the degrees I earned. I always knew you could major in a lot of areas without the need to be that specific. 5. I am assuming that most people have the opportunity to experience college and can afford it. They have both the resources and the will to succeed in college. 6. A liberal education introduces the student to a vast body of knowledge, encourages them to become a free thinker and provides a foundation from which they can build upon and refer back to.

Studies suggest that top employers value good communication skills, problem solving skills and the ability to think independently. A liberal education provides this skill. 7. Another POV is that people excel in lots of different areas and can pursue a trade college or skill and begin making money right after high school. 8. Even though many people do not have the ability or resources to go to college and begin working, I conclude if resources and talents allow, a liberal education is an invaluable pursuit in a young person’s life. . The consequences of believing in a liberal education are that colleges need to continue to receive the proper funding to keep liberal arts programs running and alive. They also need to make sure that enough aid is awarded to those students that cannot afford to attend. And finally, family and work need to take a backseat in order to fulfill the requirements of college life.

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