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Ethical Management Issues

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Moral and ethical Issues managers may face when it comes to reassessment or sexual harassment may be someone that has crossed the line ethically by something as simple as a compliment. The manager must then communicate to his/her employee the seriousness of harassment in the work place. If an individual is not comfortable with something another employee says to him/her, then this can be harassment. Employees are protected under the civil rights act. The affect on other workers when faced with harassment can affect their Job performance and affect them socially by causing a hostile or offensive work environment.

Sexual harassment can come In the form of making Jokes, gestures, comments about one's body, touching, brushing against an individual or blocking a person's movement. These types of harassment can cause an individual to withdraw socially and in the work environment. According to the web site equal rights and economic opportunities for women and girls It states that "another employee cannot take revenge against another employee for making a complaint against them for harassment" Also, an employee may be forced to take a leave from work for harassment.

Employers are liable to prevent or stop sexual harassment of employees. An individual should not have to put up with such and environment that makes them feel uncomfortable, it is the supervisor, manager and employers' Job and duty to keep such behavior out of the work place. 2 -How the relationship between social Issues and ethically responsible management practices apply to harassment. The Job of the manager is to maintain a balance between the rights of an employee and the rights of the group. The manager strives to keep fairness and respect for ACH person In the group.

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Harassment can disrupt the performance of the team and the relationship between team members. Management should always try to keep social Issues In mind when managing other employees, such as an Individual with diverse views. Who is always making comments to other workers? Such behavior can be viewed as Insubordination; this type of harassment can lead to a law suit if something is not done to remedy the problem. The employee's work status can result in losing his/her Job. Social issues and ethically responsible management practices re important tools to have when dealing with harassment.

Since this subject is serious, these two tools will help a manager understand the diverse backgrounds of Social issues can affect an individual and create situations such as harassment, such as a way a person looks, their ethnic background or sexually. Social issues and ethically responsible management practices do relate when it comes to harassment, knowing the social issues at work and using good management can help keep harassment out of the work place and create a peaceful and fair environment. A workplace example of an ethical dilemma involving harassment. When I was in my ass's I worked at a supermarket in the bakery department, there I was doing the Job as an assistant manager. There were two incidents where there was harassment, one was Just harassment and the other was sexual harassment. The first incident was a guy that would come into the bakery department and he would do such things as, throw strawberries at me and a few times would throw hot water in my face while I was cleaning dishes.

But the one incident with this guy that ally sent me over the top was when I was in the break room and went to go to the bathroom and he asked me if I needed any help, well that really embarrassed me and made me feel very uncomfortable. I did go to my manager, and he had spoken to the store manager and the man was given a verbal warning, that didn't stop the harassment. One day while I was working, a family friend came into the store, he had known the guy, and warned him to leave me alone.

After that I had no more trouble with him. But later on, a man was hired to do the Job I was currently doing, things ere k at first, but then he started harassing me with things such as, putting things in my way so I could not move, calling me names such as baby. Whenever he would ask me a question, it would be " hey baby' or " hey sweetheart," which really made me uncomfortable because other workers would Just give me a look, as if to say "hey what's going on here. One day, he put a rack in my way and called me baby, with no help from the manager after many attempts to rectify the problem, I lost it. I told him " guys that call women baby, honey or sweetheart have little tiny *****, cut off' he then said to e, " well how about we go into the parking lot and you can find out if I am little or tiny," I then said " no I don't have my tweezers and magnifying glass with me. " I know I was wrong in what I said to him, but a person can only take so much before they snap.

This is why good management is needed when dealing with such situations. The man was later fired because I went right to the store manager with this issue. I also had the other co-workers vouch for me and the situation that had occurred. I later found out that this man was hired at another bakery and was arrested for telling. The manager in this situation did not do his Job as a manager, he was good at his job as baker, but lacked the skills in management.

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