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Ethical Lens Reflection

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Ethical Lens Reflection US101 I use my reasoning skills (rationality) to determine what duties are as well as the universal rules that each person should follow (autonomy). By prioritizing the value of autonomy over equality my primary concern is prospecting individual rights. I believe this is always the best way to assure that everyone in the community is treated equally. Believing all person should follow the same set of universal rules so strongly that I resist making exceptions even when intuition suggests a more passionate result. I found this result to be very true of myself.

My personal ethical lens may direct my academic behavior into the positives. If all is true as the ethical lens states then when I set my mind to a project, being the discussion questions or an assignment, I fulfill those tasks. Doing this will get everything in on time. My ethical lens influences my critical thinking knowing that I have to think things through, I ask questions when need be, and ensure all resources are verified as scholarly or peer reviewed. By following my ethics I will refrain from plagiarism making sure to cite or reference all sources as needed.

Keeping my conscience clear in classes. One of my results was: Tools for analyzing problems, Reason. Using critical thinking skills is my preferred method for learning and problem-solving. It states that I tend to think through a problem carefully and dutifully research options to find the one that will allow myself to fulfill my duties. My focus on gathering and carefully analyzing all the available data so I can make fully informed decision. The classical value of Temperance shows that I value individual balance and restraint in the desire for pleasure as I seek to satisfy my duties.

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Ethical Lens Reflection

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I also know who I am, so I can act with integrity in the exercise of all virtues. “I am responsible” is my key phrase. Because I value autonomy and rationality, I tend to assume that my own definitions of what a responsible person should do applies to everyone. I define an ethical person as one who fulfills their duties and does the right thing as an autonomous, fully responsible adult. For me, this is the fullest expression of fairness and justice. My gift of self-knowledge shows I am concerned with figuring out my duties, when I am at my best I know myself – I know what I am doing and why.

Because of this, when I say that I will do something or care for someone, I follow through. I am also able to live in the present, to determine what I need to do at any given moment to fulfill my responsibilities. I risk being autocratic or bossy. I require everyone to do things my way in order to measure up ethically. I tend to not consider other interpretations of facts or listen to other approaches once I have made up my mind. If I am not paying attention I can be tempted to excuse myself from following the rules. I insist that I really am being true to my core values, even when I am not.

I’ll convince myself that the rules were meant for other people or that the action I want to take really does meet my responsibilities, even though my responsible self tells me otherwise. My vice is that I can become overly judgmental and unrealistic. I must remember to think about the impact of a decision on the whole community. Sometimes individuals actually benefit by restraining autonomy for the good of the community. As I learn to consider other perspectives in my decision making process, I will live out the best of my ideals with compassion and care for others.

Using the results from the aptitude competency exercise can help with my current career as well as in class. By focusing on customer needs and satisfaction; I can set high standards for quality and quantity; monitor and maintain quality and productivity, working in a systematic, methodical and orderly way, and consistently achieve project goals. By producing new ideas, approaches, or insights; I can create innovative products or designs, and produce a range of solutions to problems.

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