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Essential Elements of a Strong and Healthy Marriage

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There once was a teenage girl named Maria. She was falling hard for a boy she had met in high school. She had been head over heels for him since freshman year. She knew that he was the one for her. She wanted to marry him and there was not a doubt in her mind. Her mother knew how she felt about this boy.

Maria was so young she did not know what is put into a healthy and successful marriage. Her mother sat down with Maria and told her the keys to a successful marriage. Communication, Commitment, and Intimacy define a healthy and successful marriage.

When it comes to marriage, communication is a big part of having a successful marriage. Many spouses have thoughts that run through their head every day. Listen closely and let them express their feelings about certain situations. If something is bothersome then mention it. Do not attack when approaching the spouse about something serious because they may become defensive of the subject and not listen as closely as they should.

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Find the right time to discuss serious issues, whenever both spouses are relaxing and not stressed consider bringing up the problem. Communicate with one another even by asking how their day was or asking how they slept the night before. Always make sure to be a good listener and engage in conversation and show that you are interested in what they have to say. Communicating and being open with one another is always important, even if it's about money.

Letting each other know the financial state is very important. Sitting down and going over bills, discussing a money plan with each other is a great way to have and build a healthy marriage. If neither of the spouses takes time to listen to one or another or discuss bills etc. It will be very hard for both spouses to be happy in their relationship. Sometimes the simplest things like communicating can ruin a happy marriage.

Another key to having a successful marriage is commitment. Commitment is very important, trust falls under the word commitment. Trust plays a big role in this, trusting the other person is very important. If the spouse does not trust, then they might have trust issues and start being controlling over the other person.

Being respectful towards one another and not cheating or stealing is a big trust issue. Have respect for the other person and love them endlessly instead of going out and cheating or stealing from them. If either spouse feels the need to cheat then be honest with one another. It is a lot better than hurting the person, even more, when they hear what has been going on with someone else.

Always be respectful towards one another and respect what each spouse values. Having a happy marriage comes to a lot of responsibilities. Having a balanced marriage is very important. In a balanced marriage, both partners will have to give and take along the way.

For example, a balanced marriage means if one spouse wants to go out to dinner and the other spouse wants to go to the movies then both spouses will compromise together and possibly go to both. If it's hard to afford dinners, movies, shopping etc then, both spouses need to manage their money together.

If they each take out twenty dollars a paycheck and put it away for date nights, then that's how spouses can afford extras. The wife or the husband will have to sacrifice for one another daily and that is just a part of it. Marriages are not always perfect, somedays things might go in the direction you are wanting them to and some days they may not. That is something that every couple needs to accept.

All healthy successful marriages need intimacy throughout. Whether its emotional or physical intimacy it is needed. Emotional intimacy could be openness between the married couple. Emotionally intimate couples are wide open to each other. There is nothing getting in the way of them from opening themselves up to one another.

Sometimes it takes time for couples to fully open up to one another from past experiences. Over time though that person lets their guard down and opens up fully to their spouse and tells them everything there is to know about them. A simple touch from either spouse can mean a lot to someone and shows a sense of emotional intimacy.

When one spouse might grab the other spouse's hand they might feel the words “ I love you” just from them grabbing their hand. Emotional intimacy isn't just through words it can be from many things. Spouses can show emotional intimacy through their body language. If spouses give each other a hug it can say something without actually saying it.

There are many ways to show emotional intimacy with one another. Physical intimacy is very important also to have a successful marriage. Physical intimacy is a wonderful way to show someone how much you care for them without actually saying it. Physical intimacy never dies no matter what age someone is.

There should always be physical intimacy between a married couple because that is what makes a marriage fun and happy. Physical intimacy would be kissing them on their forehead when they get home from work. Cooking dinner together and dancing around the kitchen together playing each other's favorite song. Be playful with each other like best friends all over again.

Physical intimacy can be small things that actually go a long way. When people hear the words physical intimacy they more than likely think sexual intercourse, foreplay etc. Spouses can show physical intimacy in so many more fun and memorable ways than that. Couples need to remember to keep things exciting between them like emotional and physical intimacy it will go a long way.

Communication, Commitment, and Intimacy define a healthy and successful marriage. After learning about all these keys to a successful marriage, that Maria’s mom had taught her. Maria decided that she is not ready for marriage and that she is too young. She was very oblivious to all the things that went into a successful marriage.

She did not know how much responsibility and effort goes into it. She was so thankful that she sat down with her mother and discussed this. She decided to start a blog about what to expect when you get married. She wanted to get the word out to the other women in the world that are deciding to get married at a young age and are unaware of the responsibilities that come along with it.

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