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Essay on Increase Cost of Living

India vs. UAE Living in India as compared to staying around the world you need to adapt to the surrounding atmosphere. Similarly I have been living in Sharjah since a while however I have lived my whole life in India.

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Although these two countries are far apart, very few factors such as education system and the culture between the two countries. There are a lot of difference between the Indian and the UAE education system. In India the schools mainly follow CBSE system, similarly in the UAE most of the schools follow the same system. On the other hand there are many schools and colleges that follow the IGCSE system.

I have studied in a school where the school follows CBSE board. The main difference between the two of them is CBSE is much harder than the IGCSE board. The portion that CBSE covers in high school is what the IGCSE students study in collage. I had a major advantage on it because I did the CBSE board. The students who study IGCSE mainly study the Cambridge portion. In India, some schools don’t even have textbooks to study from, and still people study and get amazing grades. This is because the people in India struggle to study. That’s why there is a lot of completion as compared to the UAE.

In India the education system is progressing at a slow rate. In India schools don’t use the latest technology to teach the students and are still teach on the board and chalk method. In UAE almost all the schools have computers and smart boards, which make studying much more easier and fun. The fees structure in a normal collage in India is very high as compared to the fees structure in any university in the UAE. The cultural diversity in India is very huge. In UAE it is less. The parents in India are very conservative when it comes to children. if it is a girl then they will be more protective because of the security of the girl.

Parents do not allow the girl to leave the house for more until late in the night. On the other hand if it were a guy then they would have not cared much. This because of when it comes to the girl, the security of hers becomes important, as she could be raped or kidnapped or anything else can happen. Whereas in the UAE this is not the case because they know wherever their children are they will reach home safely, because of the laws. According to my personal experience the mentality of an Indian parent should change and they should leave their children free to live their lives. In India people eat with their hands.

The men sitting first, to eat together in one huge plate. On the contrary, in UAE people eat by sitting on the table and in different plates and sit around the dining table. In India the women don’t sit together for food with the men. When I was a young kid I use to sit on the floor and eat food with my dad and my cousin brother. Back then I use to think why eat by sitting on the floor. As I grew up I realized that it is an Indian culture and tradition to sit down and eat. The man has the last say in any important decision. Whereas in UAE, when a decision is made by asking the opinion of all the members.

In conclusion in the many years to come I would like to see India catching up with the UAE. To make a country better than the others countries, Education and cultural diversities of the country plays a major role. There are many colleges in India that have been recognized internationally. The Indian education system will come up in the coming years, as the IT sector in India is booming. This will be a turning point to them as they can make some better technology better than the other countries, whereas in the UAE, technology has played an important role and which has helped them to make education much easier and more interesting to people.