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Enrolment and Billing System

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Enrolment is considered as the first step or procedure that must be done by students within a particular institution before the semester per school year totally starts. For freshmen or first year students, they obliged to usually take an admission test, followed by scheduled interview, then filling-up of forms and the payment of fees. Good enrolment which pertains to fast payments and assessment procedures, and easy transactions with a high rate of accuracy is an asset in a university. A. Scope and Purpose of DocumentThe study covers the enrolment and billing process of Los Bobos Academy in all grade levels from nursery up to fourth year high school.

It will provide the student a convenient and an efficient way of enrolling that produces assessment fees according to each level. It includes the personal information of the student and their respective assessment fees which is designed for further use in account inquiries of students. B. Project objectives Objectives The main objective of the study is to create a computerized enrolment-billing system for Los Bobos Academy.Specific goals are the following: 1. To develop a system that will minimize the processing time in accessing records and calculating fees of students; 2. To build a user-friendly system that produces accurate and error-free data results; and 3.

To provide a proper computer-based database for Los Bobos Academy that can hold vast amount of data. Major Functions The system to be developed is capable of recording, updating and can retrieved information, calculate tuition fees and other necessary fees including payments of uniforms.The enrolment and billing system is also capable of generating reports on payments, list of students, accounts, assessment and receipts. The system can print all necessary forms or records such as assessment forms, receipts, summarized reports and student information. Searching of the past records of the students is also possible in this system through typing their given student ID in the search engine. V. Project Resources A.

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People The study is a collaborative effort of four BSCS students of Lemery Colleges.Divided into two groups, they are: * Virgilio Marquinez and Julienne Royena, who were tasked with the construction of the enrolment and billing system software - system design, coding, testing and also provided the hardware and software resources. * John Leo Comia and Noel del Mundo, who conducted the necessary interviews, data gathering, documentation, and gave occasional inputs with the construction of the actual system. B. Hardware and Software Hardware resources include laptop with the following configurations: minimum Intel Pentium T4400 processor, 2 GB RAM, 320 GB hard disk drive and HP DeskJet F200 printer.Software resources: Windows XP for workstation, Visual Basic 6. 0 application for creating the system, MS Access for creating databases and MS Word or MS PowerPoint for project documentation and possible presentation.

C. Special Resources The following are the data gathered from Los Bobos Academy, issued upon the request of the researchers: 1. The school’s registration form; and 2. Copy of assessment fees of all grade levels. Context DiagramGenerate Reports Response for Account Response for Enrolment Request for Account Request for Enrolment ENROLMENT AND BILLING SYTEM CASHIER REGISTRAR

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