Effective and Interesting Ideas on History Essay Writing

Are you tired of boring essays? Do you want to get rid of banal history essay titles? Do you want to hand in the most effective and unexpected essays?

This article is for you, as it casts light on the most interesting and unexpected ideas on history essays which are scholarly grounded and related to the topic you discuss.

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Unexpected Ideas on history essay topics

  1. Students used to write history essays on the World War I and World War II. Reasons, objectives, interests, outcomes… All these topics have been discussed for many times! Be creative! Discuss the events of the WW I if such huge Empires as Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman had already collapsed. Could it influence war outcomes? What could happen instead?
  2. Taking events of the World War II, students may discuss the effect on the war if France, Great Britain or USSR were in one coalition with Nazi Germany in their history essays.
  3. What could happen with American society now if slavery was not abolished? Discuss it in your history essay.
  4. The Declaration of Independence can be described in a history essay as well as the way of American would be now developing, as if it was never adopted.
  5. Students can discuss Alexander the Great in their history essays and his contribution into the world history. What could happen if he had never been born? Which further consequences would it have? Which events would never happen?
  6. Modern economic crisis made many people think about life. Students can argue the history of economical development in their history essays. What could have happened if electronic money did not get such widespread?

In fact, creating an interesting and effective history essay is easy. Students should use their imagination and creativity. Moreover, analytical skills must be applied as all events discussed in history essays should be supported with effective conclusions.