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Last Updated: 10 May 2020
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Recently, economic globalization has brought into public attention. With the rapid development of economic and remarkable progress of science and technology, economic globalization has become an inevitable in the development of society . Economic globalization is a double-edged sword has its both negative and positive effects. To the economic globalization , different people come up with various attitudes. Some people are happy in economic globalization benefices , however, at he same time , others in the worried the negative effects .

Blow are some common examples. To begin with , after China's accession to the world trade organization , economy has great development ,and people has a high life level. People makes more money. Secondly, economic globalization is beneficial to attract foreign capital, to introduce advanced technology and equipment. What's more , it can help us to study the advanced management experience. For we college students . Economic globalization s good to help us to learn more knowledge . Including domestic foreign economic and culture knowledge. Economic globalization is a challenge and opportunity brings in benefits also has negative impact. To put it simply, economic globalization has given rise to a host of problems, such as debt, energy, environment and other problems. It also brings in risks. Economic globalization has negative impacts on students , too. Because of economic globalization , it is hard for students to find an ideal Job after graduation. Besides, it ask for higher requests to college students .

We are under the economic globalization situation, so faced with this . We all should do something. Firstly, our country shout strengthen their own development and progress, and continuously enhance the comprehensive strength. Secondly, we college students shout learn basic knowledge well , and the more you practice ,and constantly improve themselves. Always be ready to meet the challenge. I'm sure we'll change the challenge into opportunity. Economic globalization By Chansons

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