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Dragons is a Hong Kong-based international airline. It network covers 49 destinations across the Asia-Pacific region. (Dragons, no date) The nature of Dragons Is to provide air transport service for the travelers. It ensures the flight safety and provides the excellence services to customers. Dragons provides customization service to satisfy the variability of customers' needs. It also provides the low cost ticket sometime to solve the permissibility problems, From the competitive, airline is not an easy entry industry.

It needs high startup cost and professional technology. However, there are some low-cost airlines develop fast. That would be a threat for Dragons. As Dragons is a regional airline company in Asia, there are a lot of competitors such as Bangkok Airways and Silkier. According to The World Top 100 Airlines', in 2013, Dragons was voted as twenty-three. However, it dropped to twenty-eight in 2014. (Ashtray, 2014) In the report, it will analyze Dragons service operation and its quality.

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Also, It will find out the Improvements that Dragons could be better In services operation. Service blueprint In the following is the service blueprint of Dragons. It shows all the procedure of the customers experience when they participate the Dragons service. Besides, it shows the tangible and Intangible parts of the service process which are provided from Dragons. According to Clack's theory, there are three aspects of service design. They are concept, package and process.

Applying on Dragons, The concept of Dragons is to satisfy the customers through the well-trained employees to provide excellent and caring service. It aims to ensure that the passengers' experience is enjoyable and comfortable. The vision is to be the oral's best regional airline serving China and beyond. The missions are safety as the top priority, offer the exceptional service to the customers and build a loyal, productive and caring workplace to the employees. The Dragons package of the service is include the core service, which is the air transport service, also it provide flight attendants to assist the customers boarding and landing procedure and deliver the food, beverage, blanket and pillow etc. As the blueprint shown. As for the process, the blueprint shown that before the customers boarding on the lane, there are some mechanics to ensure the plane is safe, also before the meal delivery, the staff would prepare the food in the back stage. Attaches great importance to passengers.

For instance, it provides seasonal menus and upgraded the in-flight entertainment system to satisfy customers' wants. Service design should concern of three important functions, they are marketing, human resource management (HARM), and operations. These three areas should be cooperated together to achieve the efficiency. Dragon's service design understanding would be evaluated in the following. Service Setting Service setting is about the physical evidence, according to Hoffmann Role of physical evidence, there are four roles as below.

Packaging the service Dragons provides a positive image to customers. It built up the professional service and flight safety images. It ensures Also, Dragons promises to work with the long- term sustainable development.

Organizational culture and climate

According to Harrison and Handy types of organization culture Dragons is classified to the support culture. It provides caring and responsive service to the customers and satisfies their requirements. Besides, Dragons provides the professional image to customers.

For example, Dragon's uniform design reflects professional and modern outlook and it ensures every staff are well-trained to handle the emergency problems. As for the organizational climate, Dragons also concern about the employees development. It understands that employees are the important elements of the company. They are represent the company and help to provide quality service to customers. In the press releases, Dragons won the silver award of Team Award- internal Support Service (Dragons, 2015). It offers diversified programs to train up heir staffs.

According to Slacks The stages of design, the service design process would be measured by five operation performance objectives, they are quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost. The Correction model There are four factors that of the correction model, they are serviceable, contact personnel/service provides, other customers and organization and systems. These factors are directly affect customers' service experiences. The serviceable is about the service environments designed by physical evidence. There are four roles of the serviceable which are packaging the service, facilitating

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