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Discrimination Against Body Art

Discrimination Against People with Body Art Employers should not discriminate against people who have body art. A few reasons why is because people should not judge people on how they look, body art does not affect peoples working abilities, and its a form of art so people should be able to express it. If someone chooses to have some form of body art, people should accept their decision, and not judge on their appearance.

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Just because someone has body mean, does not mean they are not capable of doing the same work as other people. When at an interview, body art can determine weather or not you get the job. The person with body art could have been a better match for the job, but the employer would probably want someone else, that does not have body art. “The question comes down to ability: body decorations don’t affect the reliability of an employee, so employers who value ability over appearance are starting to overlook body art.

Even with that, though, nearly half of the employers surveyed in a National Association of Colleges and Employers study stated that a “nontraditional appearance” would sway their hiring decisions. ” – Phebe A. Dunrand, from the Yahoo! Contributor Network Body art is a form of art, and could also be part of someones religion. People should be able show it without being discriminated against. It might offend someone if another person discriminates against them because it could mean something important to them. These are the reasons why employers should not discriminate against people who have body art

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