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Disadvantages to Patriot Act

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Disadvantages to the Patriot act (USAPA); There are six flaws to the act that was passed into law on October 26th, 2001: It takes away civil rights, by doing so it destroys the definition of what it means to be an American Citizen [ (talkradio101, 2010) ]. The feeling is that by destroying our way of life is the best way to reward or give victory to the terrorist [ (topix, 2012) ]. Secondly, Constitutional protections are violated, the U. S. Constitution is the most lasting, well-written document, and this is why our nation has become the most successful nation [ (talkradio101, 2010) ].

People from all over the world have migrated here for the freedom of religious practice, now you can be tracked to your place of worship which violates the 1st Amendment violation), you can be held without trial, without representation or facing the witnesses against them which are violations of the 6th and 7th Amendments. Third is potential for abuse by current administration and future administrations, this “War on Terror” potentially has no end; there will not be a cease fire or peace treaty signed to officially end the war like in nation-vs. nation wars [ (talkradio101, 2010) ]. This means that the “time of danger” will never end and that the government will continue to violate our rights [ (NPR, 2012) ]. Fourthly is the act increases the possibility for racial profiling or other means of discrimination and harassment, we have many law-abiding loyal Americans who are of Arab decent, have Muslim Beliefs and work in high profile careers, such as nuclear scientist and biowepons experts [ (NPR, 2012) ].

We have come a long way in our many civil rights abuses of the past and something like this could cause a detrimental slip backwards for our nations [ (talkradio101, 2010) ]. Fifth flaw is the use of gathered information by government for non-terror/political purposes, this information could be used for blackmail, embarrassment of rivals to further a career or gain the upper hand in a political race. This information could be used to bring down anyone who would chose to speak out against the country or even someone in political power.

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Lastly all of the first flaws could lead to the abuse of Muslims and other groups causing a shift in viable sources of information to locate terrorist and possibly creating new terrorist [ (topix, 2012) ] [ (NPR, 2012) ].

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