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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Internet

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Who am I? I am the youngest in a family of 7, as the youngest I have discovered that where my siblings fail, I am expected to succeed. For example, none of my siblings finished high school and made a lot of themselves, so they are hoping that I finish this course and do well, in a way that makes up for my other siblings failures. I have moved back and forth between WA and the NT for my whole life, I moved back to Darwin about a year ago as I found myself not getting anything from Perth.

Since my move here I have settled into a productive lifestyle with my fiance and I am motivated to do well in this course and have the freedom to choose any career I want if I do well. I have had a various amount of previous educational experiences through high school, TAFE and other independent courses. After I quit half way through year 11, I enrolled in an Engineering course in TAFE in hopes of getting some valuable experience to enter a drafting career.

Unfortunately I didn’t have any support so I got bored of it and I didn’t understand it very well so I didn’t complete the course. After I did that, I was doing some work, but I really felt like learning instead of working, so I attempted to learn the material from the TAFE course at home on my own, but I really need someone to explain to me how to understand all the facts, so i didn’t get very far. Since I met my partner, he encouraged me to partake in a course that will allow me to do a uni degree, so here I am, doing this TEP course.

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I have confidence that I will succeed in this course because I have more support this time and I am eager to prove my family wrong and do something amazing with my life. I feel most confident about the computing and the language and learning aspects of this course, as I have a very high interest in both of these areas. I have a passion for writing, and I thoroughly enjoyed it in year 11 when we were getting into the more formal styles of essay writing.

I also have a very high interest in computing, I find learning new things about the software and hardware exciting and I hope this interest helps me in gaining passable marks. I definitely want to improve my essay writing, as I have only had year 11 experience in essay writing, I look forward to learning more defined writing techniques. I also would like to improve on my interpersonal skills as I am a very shy and anxious person when it comes to interacting with people I am not familiar with.

This has caused me grief in the past because I have developed a very high fear of speaking in public and as I want to be an early childhood teacher in the future, this is an quality I’d like to improve upon to be successful. My goals for the future are constantly changing, but right now my main goal is to complete this course with high distinction so I can go on and start a university degree in teaching. My other goal linked to this one is to become more confident in my speech as well as in my work.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Internet essay

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