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Different Types of Careers

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As a college student we have many choices for a career. I have always wanted to go into the medical field; not only because it is diverse, but because I love to help people. The three jobs in the medical field I am looking at are: Trauma Nurse, home health nurse, and a nurse anesthetist. Trauma nurses have to be able to think on their feet and work competently under pressure. Being a trauma nurse would never get old, you would never see the same thing twice.

A trauma nurses salary is generally up to 10,000 dollars different than just a general RN. According to edudecisions. com a “trauma nurses salary can sometimes reach 90,000 dollars a year. (need help on citation)” The education requirements for a trauma nurse are the same. A 2-year associates degree will suffice and a year in job training is then required. Trauma nurses can see patients from newborns to 100 years old. They can see gun shots, car accidents, to simple ear infections.

I believe a trauma nurse would have to be fast, competent, and be able to think on his or her feet.This job would be great for people who get bored easily with the same everyday routine. On the other hand, a home health nurse is on the other side of nursing. Home health nurses go into their patients home and take care of their needs there. Home health nurses can be on all scales of the nursing hierarchy, anything from CNA’s to RN’s can work with home health. They would like for all home health nurses at least have on year in critical care nursing before applying for home health. Home health nurses get paid less than some nurses with an “annual salary of 49,000 on average.

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(still need help) Home health is for nurses who want to get to know their patients and their families on a more personal level. Even though these nurses do not get paid as much, they are one of the hardest jobs to do. The last career option is Nurse Anesthetist. Nurse Anesthetists do the same job as anesthesiologists. “ Today CRNA’s are the sole anesthesiologists in more than two thirds of rural hospitals in the U. S and they administer approximately 30 million anesthetics to patients nation wide every year. ”(help! ) Nurse anesthetists also have more control over their work schedules.

The programs for this career are very hard to get into and not many are offered in our area. “ According to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, CRNA’s are some of the highest paid nursing specialists, making an average annual salary of $168,500 in 2008. ”(still don’t know) Giving the three options I believe that it would be a wise decision to not just look at the salary but what one could see their selves doing every day. They say that you will never work a day in your life if your job is something you love doing. That is what I’m striving for. Cortney

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