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Difference between efficient and effective communication

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As mentioned before, communication has a critical role to play in ensuring organizational effectiveness. Therefore it is important to build communication channels that are effective and efficient. Effective communication channels clearly communicate to the employees the vision, the mission and the strategies that guide organizational effectiveness. Efficient communication channels on the other hand carry the point across in the shortest possible p of time.

This issue is directly related to the issue of communication barriers. It will be impossible to design an affective and efficient organizational communication structure if there are communication barriers in place. Inability to communicate on the one hand will make it impossible to educate the employees and, on the other, will make it impossible for the employees themselves to make themselves heard. Unless the employees can make themselves heard, they will not be motivated to initiate the bottom-up style of change management.

Change is most important for an organization to stay competitive. However nowhere is the effect of efficient and effective communication on individual behavior more apparent than in the case of change management. If it is the management which decides that the employees have to change their ways of working, then they cannot simply go ahead and impose the new organizational structure on the employees because employees will be reluctant to relinquish the ways of working that they have been developing over a long period time.

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Difference between efficient and effective communication

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This is directly related to individual behavior in an organizational setting and this is a critical issue as employees must be motivated to accept change in the interest of strategic focus. An effective communication structure can help leadership teams communicate goals and objectives of change to employees. An efficient communication structure on the other hand can help the leadership team reach their audience quickly with minimum effort.

This motivates leadership teams to undertake programs contributing to the strategic focus of the organization and this motivates their subordinates to cooperate in implementing those programs. Thus the difference between efficient and effective communication is directly related to individual behavior. Read about Factors that Hinder Effective Communication


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