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Developing a tactical plan for public relation is an implementation phase of a long term planning process. Tactical plans are based on the organization's strategic plan. McBride Financial Services' public relation staff members will have to develop tactical plans to implement and support strategic plans. Promotional items, Direct mail, and Newsletters are the three pr tools will be used for the tactical planning. Promotional Items McBride Financial Services' (MFS) main purpose is to attract customers, rouse their dormant needs and stimulate them to act in the desired manner.

Promotional items within an organization are a vital part in any promotional activity plan. McBride Financial Services goal is to spread the word about the company through advertising and event promotions. A project team would have to be creative and grab customers' attention. For example, new home loan members would not have to pay their mortgage for the first four months. Also, T-shirts, calendar, mugs, and other product items can be given as tokens which show the organization appreciate the customers. In order for the MFS to compete, they would have to know what type offers their competitors are offering to the customers.

Direct mail is another way of advertising. Direct Mail According to web definition, direct mail refers to any brochure, advertisement, or other printed marketing material delivered directly to the consumer through the mail or a private delivery company (2008). The key is to leverage the business vast knowledge and experience in executing and developing personalized direct mail campaign to customer to their financial services and increase their brand awareness. By strengthen the customer relationship will help show a successful direct mail campaign will receive a 2% to 4% response from customers. Corporate Newsletter

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By distributing a newsletter of McBride Financial Services' roles as a corporate citizen and recognition within their community, informs people of what type of service is provided. Another great advantage of the newsletter it can be used internal or external. Special events and community relations program is a great way to outreach to the community and reflecting marketing efforts. Employees are also informed on what going within the organization such as benefits, new goals, new management and etc. Sending newsletters to customers and prospects is a common marketing strategy, which can have benefits and drawbacks.

Evaluate the business implications of your PR Campaign The company's management must be absolutely clear about what the campaign is to accomplish before it should try to assess whether or not it was successful. Not only is it the best interest of the company to create and maintain positive relations with the employees from a legal, ethical, economic, business standpoint, but employees at every level, management executives, field staff, support staff, labor force, represent the company's public face, its image and reputation, to shareholders, suppliers and the rest of the outside world.

It is important not only that an employee relations program be in place, but that those charged with implementing such a program be aware as to whether or not it is achieving its goals. It is not enough to simply fund employee communications and assume if no one criticizes or attacks the effort that it must be a success. As with the external public, those inside the organization should not take loyalty or support as given among constituents just because a relationship exists. Conclusion A proactive organization can have successful PR campaign by combining strategy and tactical planning.

Identifying and meeting the objective helps define the solution and foreseeing the organization goals. McBride Financial Services have to beware of how the message is delivered and be able to persuade the public in a positive way. Risks are likely to occur when organizations are implementing a new program. Tactical plans used in PR are vital and helps flow the company's information to the public. A Good organization should always evaluate new programs and make changes if necessary. By keeping an open communication within the business can enhance employees and public relations.


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