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Descriptive Writing

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Though not very big, my home is a place where my heart is.My home is the most comfortable, warm and cozy place where I live with my family and spend most of the time in.Entering the east facing wood paneled front door of my home, I am welcomed by my pseudo German Shepherd.

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An off-white shoe cabinet in the foyer is neatly arranged with everyone’s shoes. In the foyer there is a gilded mirror which is placed above a half moon console table which is decorated with a bowl of colorful blooms and little round. Interior decoration being our forte, we still are thrilled to step into the living room and see our artistic touch.

The tray ceiling designed with lights faces down on our Lorenzo leather armchair and divan sofa which we have saved hard to buy. Square shaped cushions quilted with floral designs are well arranged on the divan sofa. The polished wooden floor tiles, feels so cool under my feet. In front of the sofa, lays a Persian rug, a gift from my much travelled aunt on which the unique Kenshoma style coffee table lends a contemporary look. A collage of all my artwork from kindergarten to standard 6 takes pride of place above the flat screen Samsung TV.

Across on the opposite wall is the window overlooking the park. As we enter the doorway on the west wall, we pass into a well lit hallway leading to the bedrooms one on the right and the other on the left, each with its own en suite. My sanctum sanctorum is on the left, with a pad of my very own in pastel colors of Nippon-Lemon Drop and Golden Buff. Against the south wall by the window is my four poster mahogany bed with Laura Ashley sheets and quilt. The parted Laura Ashley curtains open onto a balcony which is opposite my bed.

From the balcony, I can see and hear the rippling sea rolling away to the horizon. On the far wall of my room is the bathroom on the left and almost a bare walk-in wardrobe on the right. My few but elegant clothes from Nicole MNJ, Soda and Padini hang in the closet. My two pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes sits forlorn at the bottom shelf. My Prada handbag, not original of course sits proudly on display by the floral upholstered chair next to the period-style dressing table and mirror. Incidentally my walk-in wardrobe has a connecting door to the bathroom.

Now let me take you through my bathroom, my second best place of refuge, away from the heat. It is a small marvel of glass marble and modern fitting like rain shower. My toothbrush and toilet paper holders are from IKEA. My Johnson Suisse square vanity is above the off-white marble counter. Above the vanity, I have a dark wooden framed mirror which was given by my grandfather. On the counter, I have placed three scented candles on ornate candle stands of wrought iron which I bought from SSF, the home deco store. My room constantly smells of fresh lavender.

It has soothing and calming effects on me, especially on days when I have tough assignments. Light floods this small cubicle from a frosted glass window and two white down lights from the ceiling. To me, my home is the most relaxing place to stay. Almost all of my tensions become extinct just when I place my first foot in my home. My home is a place where if I had a chance, I would not want to leave for awhile. Finally I would like to quote John Howard Payne’s 19th century song “Mid palaces and pleasures though we may roam. Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home. ” (John Howard Payne, 1823)

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