Wellbeing and Society

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An individual‘s well-being may benefit in a number of ways through the accessing of range of service and facilities, these may include a benefit to their physical well-being, when they can easily and encouraged to access facilities such leisure centres to exercise. And sometimes this can improve their physical stamina in dealing with some of physical limitation. As the session in the swimming pool at the day center, where service users with physical limitation try to force themselves in movements to enjoy the time that they spend inside the pool.

Identify barriers that individuals may encounter in accessing services and facilities Barriers that individuals may encounter in accessing services and facilities are; -Distance. Not all transports are provided to get access to wheelchairs therefore it require a special vehicle -Education. Lack of information is a barrier for an individual to access services -Opportunity cost. Cost may be prohibitive or there may not be staff available to give support. Also cultural and social barriers may affect the individual in accessing to services and facilities

Describe ways of overcoming barriers to accessing services and facilities -Providing specialist transport such a vans with ramps for wheelchair access or team of specially trained people who know how to professionally escort people with mental issues in accessing other facilities and service -Lack of information is a barrier and can be addressed by presenting as much information on the type of the services, who the service is for and the proper use of facilities.

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-Special equipment such hoist are required for some individual and a number of well trained staff to allow service users to benefit of it -With our multicultural world there has been a rise in the need for interpreters and this has been recognised in most government institutions where they facilitate for those that may be not able to understand English and may need an interpreter. Explain why it is important to support individuals to challenge information about services that may present a barrier to participation

Supporting individuals who challenge information about services that threaten participation help to encourage more people into participating. Finding out which things put a hamper on participation will help to make more associate themselves with the activity. How to ensure individuals’ rights and preferences are promoted when accessing and using services and facilities The most effective way to ensure individual’s right and preferences is always asking them permission. Explain well, in the clerer way what we are going to do, and asking them if the are agreed on that.

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