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Definition of Hrm

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Definition of HRM

Administrative activities associated with human resources planning, recruitment, selection, orientation, training, appraisal, motivation, remuneration, etc. HRM aims at developing people through work http://www. businessdictionary. com/definition/human-resource-management-HRM. html

Definition of personnel Management

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The part of management that is concerned with people and their relationships at work . Personnel management is the responsibility of all those who manage people, as well as a description of the work of specialists.

Personnel managers advise on, formulate, and implement personnel policies such as recruitment, conditions of employment, performance appraisal, training, industrial relations, and health and safety. There are various models of personnel management, of which human resource management is the most recent. http://dictionary. bnet. com/definition/Personnel+Management. html Comparison Personnel management is administrative in the way it deals with payroll employment laws etc. PM is reactive responding to demands and problem when they arise were HRM is planning and anticipating changes and demands continuously.

PM is the sole responsibility of the personnel department and HRM is the concern for all managers and is aimed at improving capabilities of all line managers to carry out the personnel functions. The scope of PM is relatively narrow with a focus on administering people. The scope of HRM views the organization as a whole and lays emphasis on building a dynamic organisational culture. The Role of Human Resource Practitioners The human resource practitioner advises management on the human resource policies.They develop work procedures, job evaluation techniques and also current and prospective job vacancies. The Hrp design, implement and administer ways to find and keep the right employees for their companies. They recruit new employees by developing lists of potential candidates and then they coordinate and participate in groups to evaluate applicants and select the best person for the job.

Hrp also advises management on how to deal with grievances and disciplinary procedures and resolve staff problems n areas such as employee performance or absenteeism. They also provide advice to help solve personal problems or work related problems for employees. Task 5 After a full evaluation of the HR policies and practices within Flairwear the following findings were analysed and I have made the following recommendations and suggestions. I have obtained my findings through the mediums of, Interviews with both management and regular staff, Surveys and by comparing qualitative facts with competitors in the same market and other organisations in similar markets.


  • Staff turnover is at 25%, this is a rise of 15% on last year’s figures and is 14% higher than your average competitor.
  • Motivation amongst staff particularly lower level staff is very low
  • Morale is low probably due to the rate of staff turnover
  • Job satisfaction is low.
  • Most lower level employees leave during the first 3 months
  • Most employees that leave are under the age of twenty five.
  • Recruitment cost €350000 last year
  • Poor communication


To try and keep staff with the company for longer loyalty bonuses should be introduced for example after 3 months of service a staff member could be rewarded with something like vouchers, days off, or even consumer electronics like digital cameras that could be bought in bulk to reduce the cost.

To increase motivation commission could be introduced or set sales targets for individual stores and if targets are met all staff get rewarded this could also boost morale and could have a positive effect on job satisfaction.Another way to approve on job satisfaction would be to have regular performance appraisals because if staff feel that what they do is recognised they will feel more important and therefore satisfied with their job. Hello my name is Daniel Cahalin; I have recently retired from position as HR manager for Macrohard ltd. I have over 15 experience as a HR manager and now I’m acting as a HR consultant and have a wide range of experience of many different companies varying in size aims and markets. The aim of this report is to help Flairwear to achieve a lower percentage of staff turnover and to improve on staff morale and motivation.

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