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Cry of Sodom

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As indicated in the first part of the article, Nicholas Sensions settled in Connecticut in 1640 (Richard Godbeer, 1995). Eventually he established good relations in the community, since it was also stated that he settled down five years later, and founded a profitable enterprise in the community (Godbeer, 1995). At first glance, nothing outstanding seems to elevate itself from the norm.

But what is empahtaically pointed out are the episodes of attempted attacks of Sensions against the male folk in the community for the act of sodomy (Godbeer, 1995). Apparently, the advances by Sensions were no isolated case, as the witnesses aver that the attempts were done over a 30-year p (Godbeer, 1995). What can be seen from the article? What draws one immediately is the topic itself, of a man attempting to have deviant sex with men in the community.

But if one were to dig deeper, one could surmise the fact that people such as Sensions can lurk in one’s community virtually unnoticed. In today’s society, people are unaware that a sexual predator has invaded their communities with nary any notice. People such as Sensions have gotten too ensconced in the community that their real motivation in the area will go unnoticed until such attacks occur.

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People can hide under the cloak of “acceptability” then proceed to launch their nefarious acts against the very community that accepted them. The propensity of the act then by Sensions drew such an outburst that the court did not have a hard time to locate witnesses (Godbeer, 1995). In the same way, today’s society should also respond in like kind when these predators come into our communities. Reference Godbeer, R. (1995). The Cry of Sodom: discourse, intercourse, and desire in colonial New England. The William and Mary Quarterly

Cry of Sodom essay

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