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Cremation Business Plan

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Speed up natural process 6. It's the preferred choice Some people find they prefer cremation for other reasons. For some people it is because they are not attracted to traditional burial. The thought of a long, slow composition process is unappealing to some, and they find that they prefer cremation for that reason. Other people view cremation as a way of simplifying their funeral process. These people view a traditional burial as an unneeded complication of their funeral process, and thus choose cremation to make their services as simple as possible.

Still others choose this method in order to avoid the possibility of being accidentally buried alive. Given the general procedure that bodies are put into a sealed casket or box and then burned, though, this in turn possess the alternate threat of being cremated alive. Competition Manila Memorial Park Manila Memorial Park operates two of the most modern crematories in the Philippines. Crematorium which is a widely accepted practice in most western countries such as United States, has started to gain acceptance among the Filipinos especially now that it is sanctioned by the Catholic church.

The crematorium and chapel was opened on August 15, 1985 is situated inside the Manila Memorial Park in Scat, Appearance. Loyola Memorial Park At the Loyola Memorial Park, families can be assured that the important task of cremations is conducted in accordance to strict guidelines and standards. Part of the cremation package is the use of our state-of-the-art cremation facilities, modern crematory equipment, that can complete the process faster than any other crematoria in the country. Staffed with seasoned professionals, you can be assured of being provided with our renowned brand of world-class service.

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For the cremation plot and Columbian niche packages, a select number of family members and friends of the deceased can opt to view and wait for the whole process to be completed in the adjacent viewing rooms. To offer cremation service at Eastern Racial. Advertising and Promotional Strategy 3. First Direct Sales Letter - to catch attention of Funeral Homes within the locality and nearby towns and to inform existing Holy Gardens clients on our new services. Posting of Ads in our website - to contribute on the advertising campaign for cremation services and to tap the Offs market.

Banners and Streamers in Strategic Locations - will be posted in different key locations for maximum exposure. Brochures and Flyers - mini brochure containing our cremation service packages and flyers to be given out at funeral homes and public cemeteries. Personally visit and talk to the funeral service within Racial and ask them to tie up with us. Information Booth - display tarpaulins, brochures, coupons and free premium items to be given away at the information booth during interment to promote our new service.

Background Even in ancient time, Cremation has been a practice for the final disposition of the human body of the deceased. And in the Philippines, it was introduced and positively adapt by the Filipinos. It became one of the choices of the Filipino for the arrangement of the body of the deceased. The increasing demands for cremation justify the existence of the competing crematorium in the Philippines which is the Loyola Memorial and the Manila Memorial, and other upcoming project of crematorium. The Holy Gardens Chapel offer Cremation but it so happen that the Loyola Memorial Park take charge of the process.

It was costly on the part of the Chapel especially when the cremation is pre-need that they can't increase the price when the Loyola increases their prices. It is also time consuming because of the travel time if the place of wake is in Anglo or in Binghamton. That reason trigger for the planning of putting a crematorium in Eastern Racial specifically in Anglo. It would primarily eater the demand of its nearest municipalities such as Binghamton, Tatty and Antipodal. The Crematorium will target the market of its nearest municipalities which want to extend their service such as the Binghamton, Anglo, Tatty and Antipodal.

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