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Crane Hand Signals Speech Outline

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Speaking Outline Topic:Crane hand signals for directing crane movement and common rigging procedures used with cranes on construction sites. Specific Purpose:To inform my audience of the need for crane hand signals and rigging procedures in order to safely operate a crane.

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Crane Hand Signals Speech Outline

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. Introduction: 1. Cranes dangerous, Kent County Jail 2. Save a life? 3. OSHA Training [ (America, 1992) ]

Transition: Who needs to communicate with a crane operator? And how do they do it? Body: 1. Rigger, Hand Signals Transition: What are the hand signals? Are they complicated? 2. Show rigger bring ball to load [ (SS Crane & Rigging, 2012) ]. Transition:How does he attach the load? 3. Show cinch and types of cinches. [ (America, 1992) ]. 4. Adjust cinch and show spreader bar [ (America, 1992) ] 5. Direct crane to operator [ (SS Crane & Rigging, 2012) ] 6. Place the load and direct back to rigger [ (BrassMeIn. com, 2012) ]

Transition: These are the most common signals used; there is no way I could show you every signal there is. Conclusion: 1. Everyone on site around the crane should know these proper hand signals and rigging procedures to maintain a safe construction site. 2. The rigger should safely direct the operator to his load and then cinch it up. 3. A load should always be tested at a very low height before being transported. 4. The rigger then directs the operator to the laborer. 5. After the load is securely in place, the laborer directs the operator back to the rigger, and starts the process all over again. . Questions? Works Cited America, T. A. (Director). (1992). Controlling The Load: Crane Rigging Safety [Motion Picture]. BrassMeIn. com. (2012). Standard Hand Signals for Crane Operation. Retrieved October 10, 2012, from BrassMeIn. com: http://brassmein. com/tech/signals/hand. htm SS Crane & Rigging. (2012). Crane Hand Signals - Directing Crane Movement. Retrieved October 10, 2012, from SS Crane & Rigging: http://www. sscrane

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