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Counter-Terrorism Project

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Terrorists, one of the prominent words that have been recently involved to a lot of social disturbance that often associated to killings of civilians. Such organization is usually recognized as a group of people that is known to create scare to the public and threatened the government by utilizing violence. This is in pursuance of their goal that is either political or religious. Reading articles in the net, I thought that terrorism was already an evident social dilemma in both ancient and contemporary civilization (Jewett, n. d. ).

Dating back to the ancient days, acts of terrors are already in existence (Jewett, n. d. ). Barbary and piracy are the most common terrorists that had threatened the lives of early civilization (Jewett, n. d. ). From a personal point of view, I consider terrorists as the most notorious criminals and law offenders in present time. With the various incidents of terror attacks whereas hundreds and thousands of lives had been claimed from series by series bombings, such terror activities had create negative impact in the society that caused panic and disseminates anxiety amongst the people.

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Citing these major events that have something to do with terrorism always make me wonder how these people could do such violent activities despite of thorough campaign against terrorism. Hence, the only thing that runs through my mind when the topic is terrorism is to think and formulate of counter-terrorism actions, which is inspired by thought of protecting the humankind and society against such detrimental activities. Upon reading just the introduction part of the terror training manual, the depiction of Al Qaeda’s commitment to their terror desire is clearly visible. It showcases that organization’s oath for what they believe in.

Structured and composed in the most stimulating manner, the Islamic notion of the entire Al Qaeda Terror Group is highlighted well in aid to inculcate the attitude of a true blood terrorist for their new recruits. In addition to this, the organization's disappointment and doubtfulness against the governance of the westerners. Moreover, the introduction of Al Qaeda's terror training manual clearly stated their words of advice to their opposition (Western Government), saying that such unfaithful regimes must know the dialog of bullets, the ideals of assassination and the diplomacy of the cannon and machine-gun.

In here, I can clearly say that the Al Qaeda is sending their message seriously towards the opposition and warns that such consequences must be honored than to just disregard. Hence, I could say that the first part of the training manual is the depiction of Al Qaeda's righteousness, which they claim the thought and justify the notion that they are bound in goodness to do such terroristic activities. Browsing more of the manual's pages I have discovered that Islam is not just performing rituals, however, it is a complete system with Religion and government, Koran and sword, worship and Jihad, ethics and dealing with people.

Thus, this characterizes the organization's mission in merely holistic manner, without being pessimistic or distinction between the political and spiritual. One of the major components of the manual that really attract my attention is the instructions that has something to do with falsification of significant document and comprehensive manual to handle individual mission. Certainly, Al Qaeda's terror training manual provides detailed guidelines for their aspiring members on how to forge documents, handling proper finances, and setting up urban and rural bases.

This is their profound training practice for the new members in able to avoid any compromise and detection in the secrecy of their terroristic mission. Hence, I see this as an aid to upset their target nations’ sense of security, by hiding their real identity to pursue their terroristic goal. In line with this, it would be helpful if security authorities are cautious to every individual's true identity to determine who are the terrorist and not.

By effecting counter terrorism action that could interrupt and detect this strategy of Al Qaeda, it is safe enough to say that such detrimental plan by the organization would be prevented and well managed. In the end, the composition Al Qaeda's terror training manual utterly suggests that the government authorities mostly the western civilization to be care with the consequences might happen such as act of terrorism. Moreover, the training manuals clearly depicts the extent of capabilities of such organization.

In addition to this, the manual is a written proof of the things that the Al Qaeda terrorists group could do in the society to harm the people. Personally speaking, I could say the manual was completed accordingly to achieve specific terroristic goal of the organization as every words and instructions are structured in the most stimulating manner to fire up the Islamic passion for their new members. Thus, such training manual must be reviewed thoroughly to intercept any acts of terrorism.

Nonetheless, the training manual of Al Qaeda terrorists group would serve as the perfect reference in the formulation of governments counter-terrorism strategy. Furthermore, my read with the training manual of Al Qaeda have took me into some recommendations for counter – terrorism strategy. A counter – terrorism strategy must focus on detection and surveillance in order to prevent any occurrence of terrorism acts that could lead to harm the people.

Hence, the starting point of such strategy is to design a more efficient ways to determine and point out trumped-up passports and other significant documents that members of Al Qaeda utilizes for their international travel. Summary of the Statement The above writings are my personal reactions in the Al Qaeda's Training Manual. Those are the incorporations of all the assumptions and knowledge that I acquired upon my readings to the terror training manual. In a sense, most of the reaction statement that I have written above is the depiction of my own findings after I have read the Al Qaeda's training manual.

Starting in the introduction of the training manual, above words stated that Al Qaeda terrorists group is committed and in full service to spread their acts of terrorism in aid to their Muslim oath to Allah. Thus, the introduction appeals to the young Muslims to join them hand in hand to pursue their goal to spread the notions of Islam. In addition to this, the philosophy of the entire Al Qaeda terrorists group is also highlighted in the part of of my response statement to the training manual of the organization.

Moreover, the above content tackles the capabilities of the organization to create social disturbance that aims to spread anxiety and harm people by utilizing violence. Also, this paper tells how the Muslim act and reciprocate to their opposition (West Government), and put into account the messages of the organization towards other side. In addition to this, the disappointment of the organization to the western government is as well discussed as it is one of the primary reasons as to why the Al Qaeda terrorist group are against the westerners.

Nonetheless, the reactions above are representation of my own thought with regards to designing a counter – terrorism strategy to prevent any occurrence of such detrimental activities. Hence, it is determined the capabilities and significant strategies of the organization to disseminate anxiety in the society and harm the people that are against them. f References Jewett T. (n. d. ). Terrorism in Early America. Retrieved July 25, 2008, from http://www. earlyamerica. com/review/2002_winter_spring/terrorism. htmL Terrorist Training Manual. (n. d. ). Retrieved July 25, 2008, from www. fas. org/irp/world/para/aqmanual. pdf

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