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Comparing the Childhood and the Present Life

In the course of growing and becoming adult all people change their habits, points of view, interests and their appearances. But all people vary in different ways: some people deviate just in their appearance and don’t change their habits at all, but the others change absolutely all in themselves.

Nevertheless there is one thing that we can’t change during all our life, this thing is our memory.

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Things that are learned early in life are the hardest to change or unlearn.Early conceptions of the world, even if lost to consciousness, remain a part of our memory and may influence our behaviors in some very interesting ways. For example when I was a child I attempted to explain and make sense of my world in terms of my experience. By the very nature of my limited number of years, my experience was not very wide or deep. My interpretations of the world, why things happened, were extremely limited and often very inaccurate. All things were divided by me into two groups: black and white or bad and good.

I didn’t understand why my parents scolded me and why they forbade me different things that I wanted to do. And all what I had to do was discover the world around me. However when I became a teenager, things were starting to look more difficult. I left my toys behind and started looking for my own personality. I formed my main aims that I wanted to achieve in the future. And now I’ve turned 18, and I bet I could fill the entire paper with stories about what I used to be like, odd habits, that I dropped and so forth.Now I’m considered an adult.

Of course I’ll continue to learn and experience new things, but the essence of my character won’t change. Hence, I should develop myself to become successful and outstanding person. Apart from the habits and the behavior I have changed outwardly. Earlier I had a round face with smooth and tan skin, with distinked eyes, with dimples, and without any wrinkles on my forehead. But now I can say that my face is more oval, and in general i’ve become well-build and broad-shouldered!!