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It's an impressive list. However for Disney managing this diverse portfolio of business has become a real monster. Whereas Disney's theme park and family movie operations have been wonderfully successful over the years, the new and more complex Disney has struggled for growth profitability. For example during the last half of 1980's the smaller more focused Disney experienced soaring sales and profits. Revenues grew at an average rate of 23 percent annually. Net income grew at 50 percent a year.

In contrast, during the most recent five years, the more diversified Disney's sales have grown at an average rate of only 3 percent annually. Net income has fallen 23 percent a year. Thus for Disney, bigger is not necessary better. Many critics assert that Disney has grown too large, too diverse, and too distant from the core strength that made it so successful over the years. Others however believe that such diversification is essential for profitable long-term growth. One thing seems certain creating just the right blend of businesses to make up the new magic kingdom won't be easy.

It will take masterful strategic planning. Along with some big doses of the famed Disney magic to give the modern Disney story a happy ever after ending. Walt Disney Company Markets Two Distinct Winnie The Pooh Bears: The original line drawn figure appears on fine china, pewter spoons, and pricey kid's stationery found in upscale specialty and department stores such as Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale's. The plump, cartoon like pooh, clad in a red shirt and a goofy smile, adorns plastic key chains, polyester bed sheets and animated videos. It sells in wall-mart stores and five and dime shops.

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Company Markets

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Except at Disney's own stores, the pools do not share the same retail shelf. Thus Disney offers both upstairs and downstairs poohs, hoping to land customers on both sides of the income divide. Key Features Of The Sector Within Which The Organisation Operates Are: Currently Disney land Paris 6 is offering 2 special offers. They are a day extra and a night extra free. The extra days are offered on only selected days of winter. It means one can enjoy extra breakfast free also. Another offer is kids free go. It refers to one kid can enjoy the offer with one adult only.

The kid has to share the room and the offer is valid in January to march only. Another most popular offer is fact fun. It is the most popular and enjoyable offer offered by Disney land Paris. There are auto animation figures and following toys and accessories. Other offers are Internet offers and tickets and packages. Description of the target segment(s), their key characteristics and the implications for providing customer service: Market segmentation 7 refers to evaluate each market segments attractiveness and selecting one or more segments to enter.

Segmentation can be based on geographical for example dividing the market based on nations, state, regions, countries, cities or neighborhoods. Disney land may segment the market based on countries. It may decide which countries should be served and which one is not. Another way to segment the market is demographic segmentation. It means dividing the market based on age, sex, family size, family life cycle and other variables such as income, occupation, education, religion, race, generation and nationality. Different aged people like different ideas and other values.

Age is a major variable in demographic segmentation. Consumers demand change with their age. It can target different aged people. Many companies generate different schemes for attracting different aged people. Age is one of the most important demographic variables. It is often very much-talked topic for a business. Different aged people need different services. And one who can serve the best is the leader. Gender is one of the demographic variables. Gents and ladies are often different in using different tools and their needs are also different.

Income segmentation is another variable. Different income level person demand different things. Disney land Paris may use different plans to serve different income level persons. As someone's income is higher he or she will demand more and if someone's income is low then he or she will demand less. Psychographics segmentation is another kind of segmentation, which means dividing market into different groups based on social class, lifestyle or personality characteristics. Social class is an important factor.

Lifestyle is the way people live so it should be under consideration. Keeping all this information's in the head Disney land Paris has to sell its product. Behavioral segmentation is another variable concerning the segmentation of the market. It is one kind of segmentation where buyers are divided into groups based on their knowledge and attitude, use or response to a product. Buyer's knowledge 8 is important in this sense that if buyer's knowledge is low then buyer is not capable of taking the right decision.

And if the buyer decision is accurate then buyer must contain knowledge of the product. Countries can also be segmented by economic factors. For example countries can also be segmented by population income level or by their overall level of economic development. Customer Management Issues: Marketing plays a key role in the company's strategic planning in several ways. First marketing provides a guiding philosophy, which is known as marketing concept. That suggests the company strategy should revolve around building profitable relationships with the important consumer groups.

Second marketing provides inputs to strategic planners by helping to identify attractive market opportunities and by assessing the firm's potential to take advantage of them. Finally within individual business units marketing designs strategies for reaching the units objective. Once the units objective are set marketing task is to carry them out profitably. Partnership relationship management is working closely with partners in other company departments and outside the company to jointly bring greater value to customers.

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