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Company Assessment

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We have examined the characteristics of the organization of graduates, retention rate, and persistence that will help students graduate and pursue employment in their field. We evaluated each students program from Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral programs at Argosy university. The most significant cause of fault is the students first semester. As a result, if a student can make it pass their first semester, then the chances of them continuing In the program Increases dramatically.

The research shows that the over the last two years student enrollment has dropped. As University we want to encourage students to graduate from our school with their diploma and have them employed with in the first year of earning their degree. The report states that people are unaware of the university and we want to Increase the amount of awareness about the school. Numbers are on the rise but it is not the numbers that we want to be. Consumer knowledge needs to be increased about the University and establish a reputable reputation.

Argosy University latest decision was put forth by the Research and Development department. They evaluated the report to focus on target marketing of highly populated areas. This report assesses the challenge to bring in new students and increase the awareness of the university. The new direction of the University over the years to come is to increase the amount of student body and graduates. Interviewer - Interviewee - Value of a Team Environment: Admission Representatives, 2 Academic Counselors, 2 Student Finance Counselors and 1 manager.

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It is their Job to help enroll each student into class, make sure their Financial Aid is correct, and to make sure that each student is prepared for the first class. The team works well together with communication and helping each other tit information that is needed for the student. Depending on the circumstance of the student it can impact the way the team is operating. For example, a student can be missing information on their Financial Aid, they can be in default, or they might not be in contact with the Admissions Representative. The biggest they lack is new ways to open up the opportunity of the Admissions Representatives.

It all starts with the Admissions Representative. If the AR is in a bad mood then he or she could lose the students interest right away. It is important to keep up the motivation of each AR in order to increase enrollment. Because the Admissions Representatives are not allowed to receive compensation for the amount of students they enroll. It is pure determination that allows someone to succeed because there is no reward for the AR. Each person has a different need and it is up to the manager to see what motivates each employee to become successful.

According to the article, The Value of Teamwork, by David Tenant, "The talents that are brought from others in different areas of the company strengthen a team. Plus, by working together to form the team's objectives, approach, and planning, they will generally become a cohesive unit that an also adapt and change as new challenges become apparent. It is through this mechanism that teams are surpassing individual performance within companies? and companies are taking notice. " Recommendation: It is important that everyone on the team communicates properly.

Make sure that everyone is communicating by e-mail or even in the meeting that are set up everyday. Create a checklist that needs to be filled out and initialed by each team member, to make sure that the student is moving through the process efficiently. Have the manager go to each person, individually, and see how the student is moving wrought the process. This will help everyone be into the details and it everyone will be in communication of the process. Job satisfaction of the employees: When it comes to the satisfaction of the employees, there is a stand of 50/50.

While the majority of employees love their Job, they sometimes feel overwhelmed, stressed, or even feel overlooked for some of the positions. People want more responsibilities and they want to feel like they are contributing to the team. Some of the employees help out the manager by running morning meetings, setting up charts, and assisting other employees when needed. There has been a resent layoff and some employees are worried about keeping their Jobs. Ryan's tells his employees to stay focus on the student, what their fears are, get to know them, and see how we can assist the student to get into college.

When we focus on the confirmed need of the student, we realize how we better assist them obtain their degree. One of the ways that Ryan makes sure that his employees are happy at work doing something different, employees don't feel like they are doing the same monotonous routine. So sometimes they will have mini trainings, play games, or a reassert chat. The breakfast chat can be about anything they want. It took a while for the employees to trust Ryan but they started to come around and have been building great relationships with all of his employees.

Recommendation: Have a meeting with each employee and ask them what they would like to change. If people are tired of the routine, then have an appreciation day for your employee. How does the company communicate change: In this industry company changes happen all the time. It is sometimes communicated in big group settings, small meetings, e-mails, or in the morning addles. Recently there was a change in structure of the amount of Directors that are in the position. They went from 8 Directors to 4. Even though the change impacted only a certain amount of employees, it however reduced that position by 50%.

It required more work by the other Directors but it was a change that needed to eliminate the "dead weight. " Efforts made to motivate your employees: There are many way s to motivate an employee so that he or she is willing to do their Job. Ryan takes this part of his Job very seriously and he takes great interest in his employees. There are four things Ryan takes to heart as a manager, he takes interest in the future of his employee's career, in their work-life, listens, and helps them anyway he can.

Ryan says, "In order to have great employees, you need to have a genuine interest in all of your employees. It has worked and it has generated results. " Manager's who take interest in their employees, generally have people who are not willing to put fourth the extra effort. I believe that when you have a manager, like Ryan, who really cares about you, not Just an employee but as a person, you aspect them more and you are willing "to go the distance" if they ever need you too. My suggestion for this topic is to talk to your employees.

Everyone has a different intrinsic and extrinsic type of motivation. It is up to the manager to seek out each employee and see what his or need may consist of. I think that his falls in line to getting to know your employee. You might find out things you never knew about them, simply by doing a one on one. Assistance offered in helping your employees to deal with stress management: This is a very high pressured Job and sometimes it can get overwhelming. That is why to make sure that you commit yourself to doing a one on one with each employee.

If you find yourself in a situation where someone is not reacting well, then you as a manager, need to address that situation. Everyone is different and it is up to you as a manager that you handle the situation properly. One way to get an employee out of the stress is to have them get up and take a walk. This will help them calm down and then get back to the work at hand. Taking walks is a great way to relieve stress. It gives you the opportunity to breathe and focus on what is important. This is why we have breaks in the workplace.

Take advantage of your breaks and try not to think of work. This will help you reset and focus on the rest of your day. It is important to know your role as a manager and how to help people succeed. If people are not succeeding then maybe you are not doing your Job as a manager. A great manager knows his or team and they help people who are managers who helped me through the tough times, I work harder for them than anyone else. References: The Value of Teamwork By David Tenant, conference's. Org/gemmed/ DVTTheValueofTeamwork. PDF

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