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Children are never too young to enjoy books

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Reading has been proven to create a proliferation of insights and ideas on the reader. During the process, it creates an avenue of learning for an individual. The capability of books to tap curiosity, interest and learning paves the way for better appreciation of the different fields and provide continued growth and development for a person. The capacity of books to address every age group has provided numerous benefits to each one. This part shall look into the benefits of reading to children. Inviting children to read books at an early age can create a fun and fruitful way to discover new things that life has to offer them.

Even the simplest form can create a lasting effect in their lives. “Children are never too young to enjoy books, and for babies it's not just about reading the words. It's also about enjoying the interaction with the parents as the child sits with them and enjoys the attention. ” (The Kids Window, p. 1) Creating appreciation for books at an early age can give children the proper foundation for the future. “It's also a good age to learn the basics of language and numbers, and reading along to stories and counting books will aid their understanding of words and numbers. ” (The Kids Window, p. 1) For teenagers, reading is also deemed vital.

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Studies have shown that people with a keen interest in reading show exemplary performance not just in school but also in other activities as well. “When teens read more than just their classroom assignments, research clearly shows that they generally do well in school. ” (Gisler & Eberts, 2006, p. 1) Reading creates avenues for children to expand their horizons over their area of interests. This helps them in addressing the challenges present in school. Reading can help increase vocabulary, deepen analytical skills and improve writing skills. “This leads to a solid core of knowledge that is useful in a wide variety of classes.

” (Gisler & Eberts, 2006, p. 1) Lastly, reading among teenagers gives them the capacity to perform well in the future particularly college exams. “No other activity builds the vocabulary and comprehension skills needed to do well on these tests as well as reading. ” (Gisler & Eberts, 2006, p. 1) For adults, reading can create huge benefits. Adults will “have a better chance for a successful, fulfilling adult life. ” (Jewell, 2007, p. 1) Adults can use books to inform of them of new trends and issues present in the environment. With these they can be more adaptive and dynamic to change.

“And with the explosion of information in the workplace, only avid readers can stay well informed with relative ease. ” (Jewell, 2007, p. 1) Reading can also help adults to “acquire the ability to sift information and to understand how unrelated facts can fit into a whole. ” (Jewell, 2007, p. 1) By practicing reading as an alternative for work, it can help adults be relieved from stress and fatigue. With reading, adults can learn additional information, critically assess important things, impart experiences and beliefs and at the same time enjoy from the pleasure it brings. To conclude, reading has been an important facet of human behavior.

Maintaining a passion for reading can create unlimited opportunities for the reader. Given the positive effects that reading can give to an individual, it is important not to neglect and be taken for granted. As new technology creates opportunities for each individual to tap on new ideas, information and pleasure easily, preference for reading books is slowly diminishing. The challenge now is to revitalize reading to people. People must reach out to the public and create awareness of what reading can contribute to society. Be able to prove that until now reading is still vital in the holistic growth and development of an individual.

In the end, reading will still be an important activity that can create possibilities for all people wherever age group they are in. References Eberts, M. Ed. S and Gisler, P. Ed. S (2006) Benefits of Reading as a Teen. Retrieved October 11, 2007 from http://school. familyeducation. com/teen/reading/40617. html Jewell, A. V. (2007) Benefits of Reading in family. org. Retrieved October 11, 2007 from http://www. family. org/entertainment/A000000969. cfm The Kids Window. Young Children and the Benefits of Reading. Retrieved October 11, 2007 from http://www. thekidswindow. co. uk/childbooks/benefits-of-reading. htm

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