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Childhood and Young People

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Explain how a solution focused approach will encourage children and young people to have a positive outlook on their lives. A solution focused approach is about looking at the present and the future, it helps children to look at what is happening in their lives now and whether they are happy that things are heading in the right direction, if this is not the case then it enables children to be able to work out what needs to be changed and start working towards the goals they want to achieve.

This can help children and young people to have a positive outlook on their lives by allowing them to see that even if things aren’t that great at the moment there’s always their future (which can be whatever they want it to be) to look forward to. 4. 4 Explain the importance of informing relevant people when there are concerns about a child or young person’s health or well – being. The child protection and welfare policies in my setting states that i must report any concerns that i may have around a child’s health and well being. If i was to not report the concerns raised then this could have a big impact on the child.

The earlier concerns are spotted and raised, the easier they are to be dealt with and the smaller the impact on the child, same as the longer it takes for concerns to be spotted and raised, the harder they are to be dealt with and the bigger the impact on the child. For example if i were to notice that a child was attending nursery and feeling extra hungry than usual, this would be a welfare concern as being underfed (if this is the case) will have an effect on the child’s health, it will effect concentration which will affect the overall performance of the child.

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My concerns would be raised with the manager and this would be monitored and recorded before raising the issue with parents. 4. 5 Record concerns about a child or young person’s health or well being following recognised procedures. So far during my placement i have not had to record any concerns about a child but if a situation occurred where this needed to happen i would first raise my concerns with the manager.

Childhood and Young People essay

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