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Child Trafficking

We talked a lot about social issues affecting human service professional since class began. We discussed the approaching of child abuse, poverty, drug abuse, school system and education, health; diverse the population and human service professional is facing every day to serve different races and poverty levels. They realized that the people they serve have differed with different values, needs, want and dignity and respect must be given to them, no matter their condition they might in or race.

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The human service worker must respect everyone culture and try to work with them.

The social problem which I’d like to write is child trafficking. Reviewing text of child trafficking or Sex trafficking of minors refer to a number of crimes, as well as recruiting or transporting minors to sexual exploitation, exploiting them through prostitution, or exploiting them through survival sex (exchange sexual acts for something of value, such as shelter or food) is unlawful and the government need to put a stop to that.” (National Academy of Sciences, 2014).

To write on child trafficking because I accept the true that many are not aware of, and they really needs to say something if you know something. Sex trafficking of children is a form of child neglect and child abuse. These problems are sensitive because working with children and seeing how affected they can be and that they suffer from being abused and hurt is something that needs to be stopped. It not only affecting them as a child as they grow into adulthood will continue to affect them. Society is also affected when we have children who by now hurt. There is a need to break this cycle in the U.S. and in other countries.

The first article I read is about child trafficking in the United State and how its long term effects have on children (National Academy of Sciences, 2014). There are health issues and social problems can arise when these children to so. The article states that child trafficking is not reported or overlooked because it is happening behind closed doors. Child trafficking is impacting the U.S. because it means the children aren’t getting the education, food, or nutrients they need; it becomes a recurring cycle of poverty and continuing the cycle as an adult. The article shares how many exploited children may come from a background of abuse, foster homes, homeless and sleeping in the street.

Child trafficking impacts the U.S. and the law because lots of states operation is viewed through prostitution law. This impacts our juvenile system, “minors can be arrested and charged with crimes instead of treating these sexually exploited minors as victims. These children and adolescents may be arrested, adjudication or conviction, and commitment; they may have permanent records as offenders” (National Academy of Sciences, 2014).

Child trafficking and abduction cases in Nigeria are now topic globally. The clarity inside the story in Nigeria of trafficking people is not only base on sexual exploitation, but children are forcefully taken from their homes brought into slavery also, forced to unwanted marriages to a man older than them, and illegal adoptions. The article I reviewed shows how child trafficking has been taken place in the country and what is been prepared to assist the children that has affected by it. Child trafficking in Nigeria is so large now that it is actually bringing the country together to ask why.

The matter is pretty huge that the people are annoying and want to involve and call on the government for their support on finding these children who are unlawfully kidnapped by these traffickers. The article also states that this is being done as a “factory” type of business. The country is impacted because of poverty and lack of legal justice. It influences Nigeria by not having trust in the government. It can also influence a person’s trust of whom to trust.

So the long-term effects that have been accomplished now in the U.S. to evaluate child trafficking is acknowledging the fact that is happening and something need to get done, we need policymakers to call on state, local, tribal, and protective jurisdictions to expand laws and regulation to push through survivors of sexual exploitation under the age of 18 away from the accusers arrest and prosecute them.

Toward systems, agencies, and services that are available to them” (National Academy of Sciences, 2014). I think training for those who work with children is needed to realize the harshness of this matter as a result so they can learn how to help these children. In Nigeria there has been out cries to help stop child trafficking and by going a step further asking for help from the outside agencies and other countries because they do not have any trust in their own country to fix the problem. Another way Nigerians are seeking to fix the problem is having private agencies work with specific areas to try to prevent before it happens.

One important thing think could also be accomplish thing that could be done is to indict or prosecuting those who pay for these services. Providing the exploited children services that they need to be successful in society such as education, work, and the proper counseling through their recovery. I also believe that more funding should be remarked to the after care of those kids involved in these misdeeds.