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Change Management Plan

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This document will cover Riordan Manufacturing’s current management plan and the new proposed plan. It will also cover how the management plans on changing this plan over the next 12 months. Change Management Plan Riordan Manufacturing is a company which operates its official system like a bureaucracy. Every division has a manager and that manager responds to their manager who then reports to the president and CEO Dr. Michael Riordan. The bureaucracy is established like a matrix system. Every division consists of those who perform specific jobs. Every division has their own informal systems.

These informal systems are created by building working associations collectively. Riordan motivates every worker to report any problems that they may have directly to their supervisor. This lets every worker, as stated in Riordan Manufacturing’s Worker Handbook, “Our experience has demonstrated that when workers deal openly and directly with administration, the work atmosphere can be fantastic, interactions can be obvious and attitudes can be optimistic. ” By opening up the door to open interaction with all administration it improves worker behavior since they are capable to convey their values and problems.

When workers are motivated to express themselves freely it increases the dedication to the organization and increases job satisfaction. Although Riordan Manufacturing desires to apply a fresh client administration method, Riordan Manufacturing must continue to adopt the matrix structure which they presently have set up. By setting up a fresh client administration system it will let every place be capable to assess the info for every client regardless of what place they would be at.

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Maintaining the existing matrix system will let and continue to improve team attempts to develop the complete work which is expected from every division. Riordan Manufacturing is a plastics production organization which employees more than 500 individuals. They have organizations in Albany, Georgia, Pontiac Michigan, Hangzhou, China, and San Jose, California where their company head office is located. Riordan items contain plastic drinks cans, customized plastic components, and plastic fan components.

Their major clients are auto and plane component producers, soft drink producers, Department of Defense, and appliance producers. Worker conduct affects how they work and react to their work, managers, and clients. The company tradition at Riordan contains equity, confidence, commitment, have an inventive and team work atmosphere, impairment accommodations, performance assessments, worker rewards for example 401K, academic help, health and life insurance, respect vacations, honor vacations, assistance with day care, and employees compensation insurance coverage.

Riordan seems to be a production organization which tries to become a choice for their clients rather than being a problem to their clients. Although this organization might be a great organization they just like any other producer have issues that must be tackled together with modifications which might influence the organization for the organization to remain in the loop with present economy problems. Some workers can't cope with modification and they may become unwilling.

Some workers avoid modification is because of the lack of knowledge regarding the modification, comfort, personal private views, lack of confidence. However, even though the workers are being resistive, the administrators are intending to cope with the opposition and assist workers cope with the modification more efficiently. Administrators may apply the modification by conveying clearly, being straightforward, and acknowledging their worries together with acknowledging and respecting the workers. Administrators may rovide reinforces and support by letting workers to meet with them face to face with regards to the modification or the worker could benefit from some additional coaching. Administrators might place the resistive workers with somebody who is already using the modification, therefore the worker that is not adjusting will see a confident and administrators may make certain they have set some objectives to make sure the success of the modification was worthwhile and advantageous. Modification is a part that needs constant and continuous quality of improvements.

During the months administrators must be sure that the modification they put in place keep growing and continue to remain effective. Administrators can perform this by applying reaction to areas which are in danger, continue to make contact with their workers whether it is through phone, email, individual to individual, text messaging, or memo. Safety precautions will also continue to be managed and improve, and when the economy changes medical care in the organization might accommodate employee’s requirements.

Staff and administration attitudes will remain optimistic, involve your workers, care for their views, ideas, thoughts, continue to provide training sessions, set objectives and goals (praising the workers might be a plus), and encourage inspiration in which this will let the workers to be more devoted. Administrators may assess achievement by viewing how the organization modifies that went into effect is up and running, organization numbers/sales haven't decreased, and workers are producing good results. To assess failure it would be the total reverse, however what would it be to assess.

In case the organization is failing or haven't seen any growth then they must put forth one more change. Communication Plan When modification is introduced in the office it may also bring opposition from workers. This opposition arises from a modification in routines, anxiety about the unfamiliar, a reduction in a sense of safety, or even a danger to associations to name a few. While developing an interaction to workers, administration must try to train regarding the modification as well as contact as many employees as is possible.

Doing so will likely reduce the opposition from workers and let approval of the modification. Administration must pick a type of interaction to convey administration modification at Riordan Manufacturing which will reach all workers with the same information. In this situation the best way to contact the most workers is to utilize a mix of a memo and e-mail. In these types of interactions, administrators must express why the modification is essential, what the modification will bring to the company, and develop a fresh mission.

Describing the modification to workers will train them on why the modification must be made and provide them insight into the unfamiliar. The new administration mission will assist create company tradition that workers can buy into. Using a memo and e-mail is the most efficient way to convey the modification to the workers. This technique additionally permits the identical information to be sent. The information being sent is vital in order that workers aren't getting different info regarding the modification. While transmitting the message to workers, some hurdles might come up.

Some workers might not read the message that will lead them to be unaware. Administrators must contact front line supervisors to make sure that all workers have read the message. A read receipt may also be linked to the e-mail to make sure that workers are getting the email. The information found in the message must also help the modification in a positive manner. Some workers might take the information as a bad modification that will enhance opposition. Team conferences must take place in order that supervisors can go over the content in the memo and e-mail.

These conferences will let supervisors to deal with any queries regarding the modification and put the workers relaxed. Conveying modification is a vital method utilized to permit the change to be finished properly and keep worker spirit. Conveying modification in the office is essential to reduce opposition among employees. This interaction must try to train workers regarding the modification to assist put the employees relaxed. This information must be created in a manner to reach all workers with the same message in order that all workers are receiving the same info.

Conveying modification in an efficient manner will probably enhance approval of modification and maintain the company tradition unchanged. Valued Employees of Riordan Manufacturing: The organization has made a decision to apply a client administration method which will permit you to easily monitor our clients. Administration knows that we have put great accountability on you to manage client info and wish to provide you the methods to do this job more efficiently. This info might be better more effective when we keep it in a uniformed style and saved in a convenient location.

By applying this method we are allowing the info to be easily available to all workers and will get rid of any requirement for substantial searching. We know that info, if not saved correctly will get lost, and we don't want to endanger the client associations which you have worked so carefully to maintain. Formalized training will be given to all workers prior to execution. Our objective is to ensure that you are happy using the latest program before it's put into use. We have created a formalized coaching agenda for following week to make sure everybody has had time to see, work, and know the program.

Administration knows that knowing latest method is a difficult job, however we are assured you will notice the advantage of this latest program. We thank you all for your persistence and assistance. Please contact your immediate supervisor with any queries or problems. Thank You, Riordan Manufacturing Management This document has successfully explained the new management plan and a plan on how the management is going to convey that message to their employees. After reading everything the reader should have a better grasp on what the management is doing and when the changes are going to be implemented.

Robbins, S. P., & Judge, T. A. (2011).Organizational behavior (14th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

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