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Debut Albums and Hell Risen Youth

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Charming and Intellectual beyond this universe. I am Traveon, an angel blessed and hell risen youth.

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Debut Albums and Hell Risen Youth

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. I am the son, of Timothy Presley and Jamie Freeman. I have helped young children, build dreams, not even they could destroy. I have helped, the Queen of my birth, through many obstacles in which she too, has returned the favor. What you see on the outside, is not, what is on the inside.

You see tattoo's, and there shall be many more. My body is, and for ever will be, marked up so those who seek to see my inside shall understand, this sacred soul. I have many skills, and am known as the best. A beast on the gridiron, I am called and known, as a Goblin. When I step on the field, I transform. I become Ferocious, Powerful, and Callous. Not the biggest, but I have proven to be ticking time bomb, test me, and feel my wrath. l, Assassin of the holy ground, have been noticed, for my destruction.

With a full-ride scholarship, I wait for more offers. My inferiors talk sweet in my face, and curse me behind my back. Jealous of my accomplishment, I pay them no mind, whether it is good or bad, it's Just fuel to my fire. No matter what they say, I will never back down, or never lose focus, because they cannot deny, nor will they get in the way of my mission, Dominance. I close my eyes, and listen, as Lucifer plans to lead me in the wrong direction, he loathes my success.

It does not phase me in any ay, for the creator of all man, has given me enough strength, to walk past his facile and futile attempts to fluster me, and knock me off course. I continue in the same direction as I started, straight, the fork in the always remain in this direction, no matter how often my father neglects me, or how often he denies ever forgetting me and blames our separation, on the golden princess that raised me. He only wants me to carry his name, he knows what IVe become, and only sees that my future is promising.

I hold his blood, but I have already found my father, Blaine Freeman. I will no longer let the dread of my familys drama decide my dedication or failure, my happiness or my sorrow, I have overcome it. Pain is something I do not express, I hate the pity, I only wish to pursue my dreams, I will not pretend or be humble, and I will make it to the top

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