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Business Process And Pricing Strategy of meena bazar

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Barbados are made up of a set of black lines and white spaces. Look at the bar code.

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Business Process And Pricing Strategy of meena bazar

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. Figure no: 03 The diagram shows the pattern of lines for each digit on the bar code. Notice that the pattern for a digit on the right hand half of a bar code is the opposite of tone on the left hand half. Many bar codes today use the European Article Number or MEAN.

This is thirteen digit number which can be used to uniquely identify a product. Using Thebes code shown as an example:a) The first 2 digits represent the country from which the campanological the product comes) The next five digits represent the company which produced the product. C) The following five digits represent the product. ) The last number is a check digit. This is used to make sure the bar code has been read correctly. The bar codes on products are read by the PEPS tills at the checkouts.

TLS is achieved by using a scanner, which sends out Infra-red laser beams Vela asset of mirrors, enabling the bar code to be read at most angles-when an Item Is passed over the scanner, the black and white parts of decode are detected by the laser, as the black parts reflect very little light whilst tithe parts reflect most of the light. This is converted into electrical pulses whichever sent along the cables to the branch imputer. The branch computer authenticates its stock file for the product matching the MEAN number.

When telecaster is located the price and description of the product Is extracted and sentence to the PEPS till at the checkout which then shows this Item and price on digital display, prints them on a receipt and adds the price to the total. At the same time, the branch computer records that one of this item has been sold. Will look at how this is used for stock control on other pages. When a bar code has been correctly scanned, the scanner emits a bleep. Elf no such sound is made, the tem can be passed over the scanner again until Ithaca been correctly read.

The price items. The scales at the PEPS till are also linked up to the branch computer. All loose fruit and vegetables are weighed at the checkout. Each products a code number which, when typed in at the keyboard, gives the customer description of the product on the receipt along with the weight and price of debauchees. The weight of the product is also deducted from the stock file. As well's printing an itemized receipt, the printer attached to the PEPS till can also printer name of the super hop, the date and the amount owing on cheeses endeared / credit card vouchers.

This lessens the chance of mistakes as well assimilating the amount of time a customer has to spend at the checkout. Not every customer pays by cash or queue though. Many now opt to pappy a debit card such as Switch or Delta. In these cases the customer's card is swiped through the card reader which reads the information (such as the accountable and date of expiry) held on the magnetic strip on the back of the card. The latest in store development has been the arrival of smart card readers t topes.

A debit card with a smart chip is placed in the reader and the customer then enters their PIN to authorize the money being taken out of their account. This is much more secure than signing a docket as it cannot be foresighted information is then added to the details of how much the customer has spent and, after checking that sufficient funds are present, used to transfer this amount from the customer's bank account to that of the super shop. Theocracies is called and works even if together shop's bank is different from that of the customer.

Most of the time it is seen that the price of the product is sent to the Oppositional when the product's bar code is read. In the past, every single item had price sticker attached and when a price change was required, new labels had Toby placed over the old ones. This was a time consuming task, as every singlet on the shelves of the product requiring the price change required a Newell. Mistakes were sometimes made and customers over or undercharged. Nowadays there are no price labels attached to products, neither does depreciating of the product show the price.

The only reference to the price of product is contained on a label attached to the shelf where that product situated. These shelf labels are produced by the branch computer and reprinted out in different sizes according to the size of the shelf display for particular product. Special offers such as multiply - "Buy two and get one free" or Link Save -"Buy one product and save 50% on another" could not be offered before identification of Information Technology

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