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Self- esteem and self-efficacy are two phases often time mistaking with each other, different but closely related. As defined by Webster Dictionary, self efficacy is defined as how confident a person is in his or her own abilities, either in general or directed toward a specific task or activity. Self-esteem is more a person's idea of his or her own self-worth, which can be related or unrelated to his or her abilities. The key word that separates the two is idea. In self efficacy a person knows his or her ability, Aback dated, "The expectation that you will succeed evolves over a series of years.

Where as with self esteem it is all in their head, high self esteem or low self esteem. Example of self efficacy; Game 6 of the NAB finals, 4th quart game tied with 4. 2 seconds remaining ,without thinking about it, Lebanon James shoots a three pointer with two defenders in his face to win the game. A shot he had be making all series. Same scenario, Lebanon James hesitates and thinks about shooting the three pointer, a decision based on his self worth as to how he has performed throughout the series.

The dynamics of how self esteem affects self efficacy is, self efficacy reflects a person's belief about his or her ability to successfully complete a task (Aback, 2012). Well in Odder for this to work that persons self esteem has to be high. There is no correlation between low self esteem and self efficacy. A person with high self esteem welcomes the challenge to exhibit their ability to succeed and with a proven track record that fuels their self efficacy to get the task completed. My friends are external forces the impact my self efficacy.

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For example, I have been singing since I first learn to talk. Every time I open my mouth to sing they continue to boost my confidence by say you have an amazing voice which in turn has developed me a high self esteem. References "Self esteem. "Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary copyright

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