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Bus Journey in United States

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In the movie", Engrue and his sister Rosa, went through a dangerous and harrowing journey from their farming village in Guatemala to the United States. Enqrue and his sister, Rosa, were forced to move because the army was taking away people from their village, and if they stayed there they would be killed so they went on the dangerous journey.

To get out of their village they had to walk long miles and cross mountains to get to Mexico. After they got to Mexico they were starving and had to find a way to get to the border. They were lucky to find a guy that drove to a bus, and then they took along journey to Tjwana at the border. At this point they were starving and thirsty. They had to find a coyote to take them across that border and find a place to stay and get food and money. They found one coyote and he tried to rob them and they almost lost all there money. Finally they find there friends friend and they convince him to take them across the border.

The coyote said there's two ways of getting to the United States, through the mountain, which your most likely to get caught or go through a 2 mile dark tunnel and crawl on there hands and knees taking there chances. They went for the tunnel and even the coyote said, "it is living hell".

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During there tunnel journey, they encountered rats and they were getting eaten alive. Finally they were gone and they were able to continue and they found their coyote at the end. He got them hooked up at a motel to stay.

Day 1 they try to find work, and people pick them up to put them to work and give them two dollars a week and they think it is a whole a lot, but it really isn't. Enqrue and Rosa said "that everyone said how much more money u get in the United States but they didn't say how much everything costs" I think this quote is a good point. At the end Enqrue sister Rosa has to go to the hospital and gets sick and gets a disease from rats. She ends up dyeing. Enqrue is sad and he blew his opportunity to get a green card and be legal. The next day he ends up trying to find work again.

Inconclusion I think this journey was worth it. If they stayed back in there own village they had no future and they were probably going to get killed. When they went to America they had hope and a future. They could possibly get a green card and get legal if they're lucky. Living conditions were better, they had plumbing and electricity. Even though Rosa dies I still think it was worth it because she would have been killed anyway if she stayed in her village. She had hope for a while until she got sick. Enqrue should be happy because he has something to look forward to instead of getting killed in his old village.

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