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We’ve all experienced bullying at some point in our lives. But bullying is more than just a part of growing up. It is a form of aggressiveness or violent behavior shown to children who are quiet, shy or unsociable. Bullying can often be started with rumors and can result in very serious and unimaginable consequences such as suicide. Since bullying is such a prevalent problem in todays world, a solution is necessary to stop this atrocious act from being committed. Bullying occurs when kids aren't tolerant of each other, therefore they will start picking on one another.

There are different types of bullying. The most common form is cyber bullying. This one and verbal bullying are one of the most hurtful types someone could ever experience. I’ve experienced both, at the age of twelve. I was new to the school, just like twenty other students; but for some reasons, they had decided to pick on me. It was a typical Tuesday, when I entered the classroom, everyone was surrounding one of my classmates laptop. Like any other curious student would, I went to see what was going on.

On this boy’s screen was a picture of me he had gotten from Facebook, with the head of a horse replacing mine. Everyone was laughing. My response to this was violence, which actually motivated them even more since I was responding to their provocation. If bullying goes on for a long while, there can be negative effects. 86 percent of students said that bullying causes students or teens to turn violent. I can totally relate to this statistic. At first, I tried ignoring name calling and hurtful comments about my looks.

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But as it grew bigger, I had become aggressive as a way of dealing with frustration. Researchers from Finland discovered that victims suffer from anxiety disorders, such as depression, panic disorder, etc. Sometimes the disorders can also cause difficulties with the victims' family and friends. I had become very distant and arrogant with my family, especially with my mother. I would release all the tension I had gotten from school onto her. I also felt lonely and sad. My self-esteem had decreased and so did my social life.

In some cases, the bullying may be so severe and may go on for so long that the victim may actually commit suicide, which is called bullycide when related to bullying. There are many strategies you can use to stop bullies and to help others. As a victim, you need to stand up for yourself. The best way to deal with bullies and bullying is to ask other people for help. Victims may go to friends, teachers, parents, or other adults for help. After my mother found out about what was happening she talked to the bullies’ parents and everything had ceased the next day.

Another important part of dealing with a bully is remaining calm and not letting the bully get a reaction out of you. Bullies want to feel a sense of power over their victims. However, bullies only have this sense of power if you give it to them. Don't! Make sure that you stay calm. Bullying is a universal problem faced by kids of every age. It happens in schools, neighborhoods, and homes every single day. It can end into very serious circumstances and can ruin someone’s life. Bullying is not worth suffering for so don’t wait for it to get worse, don’t be scared to ask for help or help others.

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