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Brother of Sleep

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Brother of Sleep is presented in a very romantic and musical style. It focuses on Elias who was born a musical genius. He does not only have a musical talent but also has an unbelievable gift to see and feel things beyond the usual. This makes him very strange in the eyes of the townspeople. He grows up with his friend Peter and his sister Elsbeth. At the beginning the main character appears to be enjoying his gift of music. However, as he grows older and understands his environment more, he starts to become trapped in an inescapable life. He was caught between his emotions and his calling for music.

His musical gift has prevented him to follow his heart which terribly longs for the love of Elsbeth. Although Elsbeth also loved Elias, things got twisted and she marries another man. In the movie, it was portrayed that Elias knew beforehand that Elsbeth was meant for another man. Despite this, Elias was still devastated with the loss of his love and he decided to kill himself. He decided not to sleep which he considers the best way to end his life. Only age 22 when he died, the main character was a victim of himself and his environment. I think that the plot of the story is unique and at the same time very rich in morals.

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It was a very vivid way of presenting audiences with dilemmas which normally arise in people with talents who wish to do other things that they love. It was a sort of eye-opener for many who have watched. Moreover, I think the creation of the film is very artistic because of the incorporation of music, which is very relevant to the plot, as well as the use of twists and humors in the story. Although there are some technical flaws, Brother of Sleep is a movie worth watching especially for those people who love music and who enjoy old settings. Reference: Robert Schneider. (1996). Brother of Sleep

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