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Brand management of Audi

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GAG designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes automobiles. Audio oversees worldwide operations from its headquarters In Inconstant, Bavaria, Germany. Audio-branded vehicles are produced In nine production facilities worldwide. Audio has been a majority owned (99. 55%) subsidiary of Volkswagen Group since 1966, following a phased purchase of AUDIO Jag's predecessor, Auto Union, from Daimler-Benz. Volkswagen reluctance the Audio brand with the 1965 introduction of the Audio Bestsellers.

The company name Is based on the surname of the founder, August Horror. Horror", meaning "listen", becomes "Audio" when translated into Latin. The four rings of the Audio logo each represent one of four car companies that banded together to create Audio's predecessor company, Auto Union. Audio's slogan is Pursuing durra Techno, meaning "Advancement through Technology". Recently In the united States, Dual has updated the slogan to "Truth in Engineering". Audio is part of the "German Big 3" luxury automakers, along with BMW and Mercedes-Benz, which are the three best-selling luxury automakers in the world.

Audio India Audio has been selling Luxury cars in India since 2004, however the Audio India was established in March 2007 as a division of Volkswagen Group Sales India. [l] Audio is represented In 110 countries worldwide and since 2004; Audio has been selling Its products on the Indian market. In March 2007, Audio set up its own sales company for India. By establishing Audio India as a Division of Volkswagen Group Sales India M. Ltd. In Iambi, Audio is making a clear long-term statement in the country with ambitious growths plans.

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Audio's goal Is to become the leading automobile luxury brand In the Indian market in the next few years. The Dual India strategy encompasses significant investments in branding, marketing, exclusive dealerships many in India. It has now inched past both its arch rivals BMW and Mercedes Benz. The reason for that are the introduction of new models and constant marketing innovations whereas maintaining the customer experiences the top most priority. Brand Anatomy Brand Identity Audio with time has focused on certain key aspects while positioning its brand.

It's an inspirational brand for most of the consumer base. Keeping this in mind and to keep its positioning different from its competition from BMW and Mercedes Benz, it has highlighted the following factors. The brand identity prism of Audio gives a view of that. Brand Identity Prism Physique: Audio flaunts a very stylish and sporty look. It looks very modern and a luxurious vehicle. The different models from the company are all designed keeping these parameters in mind.

Relationship: Audio has always put special emphasis on the ultimate driving experience and the fact that their vehicles are fun to drive. Reflection: The products from Audio reflect features like refined, fascinating and visionary. It projects itself as the car of the successful and confident. Personality: All the vehicles from Audio are very sporty, aggressive in nature and represent charming sophistication. It also emerges as a progressive brand. Culture: The brand clearly projects the German cutting edge technologies as their core and is also an inspirational brand for lot of people.

Self Image: User of these cars is someone who is dynamic, young and has an attractive personality. The communication of the brand reemphasizes this image of audience. Brand Essence The brand also compares itself to its competitors and calls itself a very healthy mix of most of them. The essence of the brand is its premium nature. Factors like being sporty, luxurious and comfortable then forms the character of the brand. The character of the brand is projected as that of a sporty, luxurious and a unforgettable car. The communication is based on the same and strengthens this image.

Brand Image Compared to its competition, the other two German giants, BMW and Mercedes Benz, the positioning is quite different and is that of a young brand. Audio has tried to differentiate the brand from Mercedes and BMW by calling it a car for the young and dynamic and not a grandfathers car. It is a niche market that Audio is trying to cater to. The difference between the images of these brands can be explained as below. Brand Image Compared to competition, Audio flaunts a younger look and image; it's also a modern and a luxurious ride. BMW on the other hands focuses on the delight of driving.

Mercedes Benz on the other hand is more of a glorious car, signifying success and excellence. Brand Equity: its audience strongly connects with the brand. Other characters linked to the brand like being young, dynamic and progressive also strengthen the same. The constant path breaking communication strategies adopted by Audio has always been able to break the clutter and reach its audience. The communication modes opted is also very specific for the brand owning to the niche that it caters to. Another key point is the consistency in quality of products that it offers.

CUBE Model Brand Architecture Branded House as Audio emphasizes a single master brand, and the products are in the same category and offer similar sets of benefits Brand Portfolio The consistent quality levels it provides is what keeps the consumers linked to the brand. All the models that Audio has in different segments of the industry are all consistent with their positioning. This quality level and the sporty and modern look is what the consumers relate most to. The unparalleled driving experience promised is also a key equity generator for the brand. Brand Positioning POP (Points of Parity) German car manufacturer

Durability and Reliability Stylish, sleek designs Attractive POD (Points of Difference) Audio BMW Mercedes-Benz History and Heritage Only independent luxury car maker Quality and Prestige Logo(4 inter-connected rings) Characteristic Symbol Several successful new products Number of variants Comfort Safety Luxury with Performance efficiency and stability Stands for Glamour and Fashion Sporty and Young Dynamic and Innovative Positioning Statement (Audio) For young affluent males , Audio is a high-end luxury car that is sophisticated, urban and technology driven because it is has one a kind styling and focuses on solid reaffirmations and stirring driving performance.

MIMIC (Integrated Marketing Communication) Audio: In order to increase its brand recognition and gain a greater market share in the luxury automobile market, Audio essentially created a blitz-style worldwide marketing campaign a few years back. The effort was very successful in North America, where the German company spent more marketing dollars than any of its competitors by advertising in a variety of different mediums, most notably television. It aired spots during the Super Bowl, President Beam's inauguration, the 2009 Academy Awards, and other high profile or prime time moments. It also created a very successful viral marketing campaign online, which connected well with a very Internet-savvy global market and increased recognition.

As stated by Audio's Chief Marketing Officer Scott Gogh, "a brand needs to have buzz" (Holiday, 2009), and that's exactly what this sophistication, fun, and practicality to a complex American market, and that built momentum for its performance worldwide, where it was able to become the second- leading luxury car manufacturer. Audio has been advertising in Superpowers for the 6th consecutive year in an effort to further build awareness of the luxury auto brand in he U. S. , and also to promote its "Sporty' image. This year Audio again tapped into shared experience with a topic that's classic and universal: the high school prom. It features a dateless young man determined to go to the dance anyway, empowered by his dad's handing him the keys to the new SO in the driveway. Audio asked consumers to vote on the ending as a way to spur early interest and get them involved.

Last year it tapped into the country's "Twilight"-fueled vampires trend with an ad that featured Audio's innovative headlight technology - Daylight, Now in a Headlight. The company has seen increasing success in releasing teasers and ads prior to game day. In 2010, its "Green Police" teaser garnered 900,000 views pre-game; 2011 's "Release the Hounds" teaser got 255,000 views; and last year's Vampire Party' full ad, released early, garnered 4 million views before the game. When it comes to Audio, everything is about personal selling. Yes they create advertisements on TV, on billboards, on almost everything they can. But once you get past the advertisements, and you actually go into a dealership, everything becomes about you.

They want to sell you a car, obviously, but they understand how big of an investment a $100,000 car is, so they take the time and the care to make sure you are buying exactly the right car to fit your needs. BMW The reintroduction of BMW Mini Cooper automobile to the US market used billboards, print ads, an interactive website, and guerrilla marketing where a Mini was mounted on top of a Chevy Suburban and driven around New York City. Each part of the campaign was well coordinated with the others. Movies have always played a key role in Bum's promotions. The company has garnered huge waves of publicity from having the Mini Cooper featured in The Italian Job and for arranging or James Bond to drive the new BMW. To reach the internet-savvy buyers, BMW also hired top directors to make short films especially for Web viewing.

Although the films ran online for only 4 years, they were viewed more than 100 million times, won numerous awards, and were later issued on DVD for free distribution to prospective buyers. Bum's sales promotion efforts also included samples in the form of extended test drives. Eye-catching point of purchase displays in dealer showrooms support the overall MIMIC efforts by echoing the images from the company's advertising. Ambush Marketing Audio's latest approach seems to be challenging the luxury cars it aims to outpace and overtake in sales, particularly BMW. Both Audio and BMW are top-notch luxury cars proved creative and entertaining! Audio sort of challenged BMW to a billboard chess game: The Audio Vs.. BMW award Jabs Audio attacks Mercedes with its Q luxury SSL. Ft.

Audio is trying to proclaim itself as the ultimate luxury brand Audio : Global Brand Audio is one of the most respected car companies and recognizable brands in the world. It maintains the global image of being Sport, Progressive and Sophisticated. It aims at creating desirable cars, setting leading standards in craftsmanship and uses pioneered advanced technology. The brand values that Audio hopes to promote worldwide are "sophisticated, urban, and technology-driven" and a brand image comprised of those distinct values has been effectively imbued in the market and the minds of consumers in recent years. Audio's main differentiating factor is its emphasis on modernity and technology, and it tends to target a slightly younger demographic than BMW.

It creates sporty, elegant cars that are sophisticated enough to qualify as "luxury', but also fun enough to qualify as young and innovative. This positioning strategy appeals to young entrepreneurs and professionals, often more so than Bum's general focus on sheer class and sedan-style automobiles. However, certain cases of Localization by the brand are given below. Audio Localization in China those from different regions of the world, and it makes a great effort to create a "globalizes" marketing campaign because of that understanding. Audio caters well to the needs of Chinese and Asian customers, and it also focuses on adapting its business to Asian cultures in order to develop good relationships with suppliers.

Audio currently holds the greatest market share in the Chinese market, and has for the past two decades. The company's business in China increased over 37% in 2011, making it the largest market in the world for Audio. Today, China is Audio's largest single country market in the world, where the company has shifted gears from "official car" for Chinese governments at various levels, as 85 to 90 percent of its vehicles were delivered to private users. Under its localization strategy, Audio added Q into its local production list, enriched its product portfolio in China from 19 to 31 oodles, increased the localization rate of its vehicles to 65 percent and expanded its distribution network from 167 to 309 dealerships.

In February 2013, Audio inaugurated its Asia research and development centre in Beijing, to develop terrain and e- mobility systems as well as technology cooperation with local suppliers, for China market and surrounding Asian markets. The company is currently planning to build its RSI Q concept car at the Beijing auto show, a crossover automobile that is expected to attract a great deal of attention in China and expand the company's already impressive reach within the country. Audio Localization in Australia: Audio launched its first ever made-in-Australia ad campaign in August, running the theme 'Australia. Land of equator. ' The $3 million campaign, which focuses on the suitability of Audio's four-wheel-drive technology for Australia, is designed to assist the German marquee in its goal of becoming Australia's top-selling premium car maker by 2020.

As a sign of confidence in its equator technology, Audio has launched localized versions of the same campaign all around the world. The ad campaign brings out the characteristics always associated with Audio - adventure, sport and has been a big hit n the Australian market. This ad campaign was launched to generate awareness of Audio's leading all-wheel drive technology and it's suitability for the Australian landscape and lifestyle. Using the custom-built 'Land of equator' Microsoft, interested Australians will be invited to design and direct their own TV from millions of footage options available. With around 1. 2 billion possible combinations, no two TV's will be the same.

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