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Bond Evaluation

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The bond market opened up at 98. 43 and 4. 47 percent yield. Bond prices fell on Tuesday as a key report on U. S. manufacturing showed activity at its highest level this year, offering yet more evidence of a marked acceleration in economic growth.

The benchmark 10-year note fell 1. 18 in price to 97. 25 to yield 4. 61 percent, up from 4. 47 percent at the close of U. S. bond trading Friday. Treasury's traded mostly higher Wednesday in what analysts perceived as a short-lived break from a brutal early-week sell off. The bond gained . 15 of a point in price to 97. 34 to yield 4. 59 percent, down from 4.61 percent late Tuesday.

Treasury prices coasted higher on Thursday as Federal Reserve officials predicted inflation would not pose a threat to the economy any time soon; suggesting interest rates could stay low for a while. The benchmark 10-year note added . 75 of a point in price to 97. 96 to yield 4. 50 percent, down from 4. 59 percent late Wednesday. The bond zipped higher Friday after a surprising decline in payrolls suggested that it may be a while before the Federal Reserve begins raising interest rates. The bond surged 1. 25 of a point in price to 99. 18 to yield 4. 35 percent, down from 4.50 percent late Thursday.

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Week 2: Sept 8th to Sept 12th The bond opened up at 99. 18, with a 4. 35 percent yield. The bond took a hit Monday. The price fell Monday, under pressure as President Bush sought more money to help in the Iraq post-war effort. The benchmark 10-year note sank . 59 of a point to 98. 53 to yield 4. 43 percent, up from 4. 35 percent late Friday. Bond yields and prices move in opposite directions. However, Treasury prices moved higher in aimless trading Tuesday as bond traders seemed confident in the success of the government's upcoming sale of $29 billion in debt.

The benchmark 10-year note rose . 56 of a point in price to 99. 15 to yield 4. 36 percent, down from 4. 43 percent late Monday. The bond rallied Wednesday as a government debt auction garnered strong demand and equity markets veered lower. The bond added . 71 of a point in price, taking the yield down to 4. 27 percent from 4. 36 percent late Tuesday. Treasury prices tipped lower late Thursday afternoon despite strong demand for government debt during the day's 10-year note sale.

Treasury prices rallied Friday, while the dollar tumbled against the euro, as investors' hopes for signs of an improving economy were shaken due to weaker-than-expected readings on retail sales and consumer sentiment. The bond rose . 43 of a point in price to 99-. 87, taking the yield down to 4. 26 percent from 4. 32 percent late Thursday. Week 3: Sept 15th to Sept 19th The bond opened up Monday at 99. 87 with a 4. 26 yield. Treasury prices were mixed in late trading Monday, as investors cashed in on recent heavy gains ahead of the next Federal Reserve meeting and on generally upbeat economic data.

The benchmark 10-year note was little changed at 99. 9 with a 4. 26 percent yield. The bond flat late Tuesday, after moving slightly higher following the Fed's messages those interest rates will stay at their historically low levels for a considerable period. The benchmark 10-year Treasury note was little changed at 99. 87, with the same yield as Monday. Treasury prices climbed Wednesday as growing faith in the Federal Reserve's promise to keep interest rates low for the foreseeable future convinced some investors that government bonds still looked attractive.

Treasury bond rose . 81 of a point in price to 100. 56, yielding 4. 17 percent, down from 4. 28 late Tuesday. Long-term bond prices bounced back in late trading Thursday, despite improving economic data and even though speculation about possible insurer selling of government debt swept away early gains. Right before 4pm, the 10-year Treasury note rose 4/32 of a point in price to 100. 65, yielding 4. 17 percent, the same as late Wednesday. The bond fell . 06 of a point to 100. 62, yielding 4. 17 percent, the same as Thursday.

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