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Biography & Song

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All people around the world has blessed with different talents and gifts. I would say that I am one of them and that most individuals like music. Everywhere you go, you can see people around who are fond in listening to music may it be “noisy” for others or not but for them it is a music that soothes their beings. I am a recording engineer who dearly loves music. Music is my passion and this is how I can express my feelings whether am happy or sad. Music is an expression of one’s emotion.

Every line of the song tells a story and its rhythm and melody has meanings that foretold the joy and sadness of the composer. My interest in music motivates me to study in this field at an early age of 13. It is a lifestyle that I live on and music uplifts my soul. I also love touching other’s lives through the music I make. I strongly believe that music has big role to play in communicating with different kinds of people from different walks of life. Moreover, I also write songs. I love writing songs because they make me happy.

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Songs that relate to what I feel at the moment. It is my tool to tell other people that life is beautiful in spite of the pains and trials each one has gone through. Furthermore, I grew up in Montenegro Bay, Jamaica and Bronx New York and these made me exposed to different kinds of music from different kinds of people and help me appreciate it more. I recently reside at Orlando, Florida to attend full sail so I can understand music more. With these experiences and passion, I can say that I deserve to win in this contest.

Biography & Song essay

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