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The researchers, based on their personal and their peers' experiences, chose to address the situation due to the countless transportation hassles encountered by the students of De La Sale - College of Saint Bindle in order to help them maximize productivity in school. Issues such as inadequate parking slots, heavy traffic, and long queues for the e-Jeeps contribute greatly to the student's academic standing (e. G. Tardiness and absences), consequently leading to poor performance and morale.

Thus, it is in the best interest of the school to implement enhancements on the existing system in order to uphold the Benefited Core Value of Social Responsibility by being socially aware and having a deep concern for their fellow students and the administration. Through this, the researchers conducted interviews, surveys and extensive ocular observations of the area to be able to present their information to implementing authorities.

The researchers, as active citizens of the Benefited community, practiced their observance of the law and took initiative in addressing the problems encountered by the school population in order to mitigate the transportation issues that is currently a hindrance to their punctuality and maximized school productivity. Due to the nature of the researchers being concerned with the overall performance of the school and since they are aware of the effects of to delve into developing this project that will benefit not only Benefited community s a whole, but also the local community surrounding the proximity of the institution.

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The project is not only aimed to the immediate relief of traffic issues, but is also geared towards the improvement of the condition of major thoroughfares that will provide a safe, secure and hassle-free Journey for the motorists who are Just passing through. Being professionally competent, the researchers extend this project to anyone who finds themselves behind the wheel and are usually encountering the aforementioned problems, whether or not a member of the Benefited community.

The problem of students regarding the transport systems along the campuses of DOLS-CBS contribute greatly to their academic performance in school. Due to the current inefficiency of the current transport systems, there is an influx in the tardiness and absences in the academic records of the students, causing them to consequently be lazy, disinterested, and no longer focused in their studies. This, in turn, causes a downward spiral in performance in school, with the student frustrated to the inefficiencies of the current transport system that influences their academic records as well.

The transport system is currently facing unhealthy problems that do not seem to be properly addressed since there is no action being implemented to mitigate the problem. Considering the fact that a significant portion of the Benefited community (student, faculty and administration) bring their vehicles, the amount of facilities, or lack thereof, directly affects a substantial number; and mostly the students bear the brunt of this disappointing problem. Queues of vehicles line the streets (e. G. He illegal back gate parking located at Leon Counting, or the multi-level parking at SAD which extends up to Sapid Residences) heavily add to the traffic congestion in the area, making it difficult for other vehicles to maneuver their way in traffic. These checkpoints and blockage tend to manifest during rush hour as the amount of cars double in number, making it near impossible for other vehicles to pass through. Given that there are other modes of transportation that are currently available to students, they are not utilized properly.

The e-Jeeps, despite having punctual schedule, also contribute to the delay in travel since the units of the vehicle are not efficient enough to cater to the number of queuing passengers, this is further aggravated by traffic and harsh weather conditions. The ratio of passengers to the units of operational e-Jeeps defeats its purpose. This ultimately results in the students' frustration who are then forced to employ other means of transportation, or worse, walk, most especially when they are in a hurry to reach their classes on time.

Pedicels provide convenience to students who are rushing to their classes in the other Benefited campuses, but are often faced with bargaining woes prior to the ride from PH. O up to PH. O are initially demanded by the pedicel drivers before they provide their services, much to the dismay of the students. This encourages most of the budget-constrained Biennials to brave the elements, rain or shine, Just so they can reach their classes and not miss out on their lessons.

Although students may choose to walk Just so they can maintain their budget, their security is also Jeopardized as they become walking prey for unscrupulous individuals/groups who want to make easy money regardless the time of day. Reports of students being robbed or threatened into giving their valuables may be unpopular, but it is also a problem that exists and plagues the students. Add the harsh weather as they tread on foot to their designated classes and there is the issue of their health being taken into consideration as well.

Traffic, weather disturbances, bulk of passengers and demanding public transport fares challenge the Benefited community, however, there seems to be a low level of concern expressed by respective authorities to ensure the safety and convenience of the Biennials, let alone the community surrounding the school. Students, members of the Benefited administration and faculty face these evident problems every day and often overlook this because of the pressure placed on them to reach their destination and classes on time.

This research and proposal hopes to, if not alleviate the issues aforementioned, control the state of the current transportation schemes and aims to improve the Benefited community's day-to-day excursions to accomplish their academic requirements. PROJECT DESCRIPTION Having evaluated the issues concerned with intercalate transportation, and establishing the need for certain enhancements, the researchers deemed it accessory to provide cost-effective suggestions that could possibly expedite the lengthy and faulty process of creating and implementing student-oriented projects.

Using state-of-the-art tools and critical thinking, the researchers attempted to come up with feasible solutions geared towards the attainment of its objectives, that is to mitigate the inconveniences created, directly or not, by the transport systems currently available for the Benefited community. Guided by this ultimate goal, the researchers delved deeper into the circumstances related to the cause of the robber, so as not to provide a mere "band-aid solution".

The issues of undisciplined drivers, deregulated pedicel fares, among others, were uncovered and would have to be addressed with fervor as well in order for this project to attain its success. Initially, the researchers already had first-hand knowledge of the problem as they themselves have encountered the inconveniences stated in this proposal. In addition to that, they have also been in constant interaction with peers and individuals research, contributing to its effectively, should it be promulgated.

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