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Belief Fact Infer

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There is this one belief that I feel strongly about and that is religion. I believe that it is important to have a religion. A religion where you can rely on, where in your faith is based on having belief towards God. Religion is a man’s expression of his acknowledgement of the divine. Throughout the ages and throughout the world, people have been baffled by the unknown and the mysteries of life for which they have no ready answer. As I look around and observe the magnificent things, I can really say to myself that how awesome is he who created the heavens and the earth.

I can truly say to myself that there is someone up there, who is greater than us and omnipotent. There are times that I try to figure out things but the truth is I cannot fathom it; thus, that is how religion came in. But there is one thing that I have great doubts with, and that is if Religion is still important today as it was before? Are the religious convictions still present in this generation? Many people nowadays are much busier than before. They are too preoccupied with other things such as money, success, fame, treasures and material possessions.

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And even if they do not religiously go to church and have an established religion, they still manage to be so happy and successful. I really wonder why. And there are others who have an established religion, but live their lives with miseries. Is not it unfair? As we all know critical thinking is a process where in one carefully analyzes a certain situation that serves as a tool for something to achieve or to be done. Suppressing critical thinking is sometimes the effect of minding too much of other things and avoid getting so stressed out and pressured.

Sleeping, eating, winding up and having fun are some of the methods used to suppress one’s critical thinking. Fact is the truth. A thing can be made a fact when it is being supported with theories, and evidence. A fact is real when it is already accepted by great theorist, scientist, sociologists and others and also backed up with tangible evidences. Yes, facts are open to subjective interpretation, since we have our own ways of conceiving things.

Some of us do not accept established facts while others do. To infer means to prove, to display truth. No, I think it is not the same as fact. Because in fact, it is already made evident or true while to infer is to make something into a truth or a fact. There is still a process involved in it. For example; The student is asking their professor to infer that humans really came from apes; The student nurse is to infer that the reason why she was absent from her duty was due to her hospitalization.

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