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Becoming a Social Worker

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Becoming A Social Worker Sindy Griffin Rasmussen College Author Note This research is being submitted on June 10, 2011, For Ian Provo HS100/HUS1001 sec01 Introduction to Human Services at Rasmussen College by Sindy Griffin Growing up in the 1970’s where there were limited resources, and having an abusive father was very difficult for my mother and us four children. Having such difficult times as a child though no fault of my mothers and then being married to an abusive husband for 18 years myself, has given me the strength and desire to become a Human Service Worker.

Becoming a Caseworker will be fulfilling a lifelong dream to help those in need no matter the crisis they may be seeking to cure. In realization becoming a Caseworker has many responsibilities. Some of the main responsibilities include:” Verifying information through interviews, applications, and applying regulations and memoranda to provide income to individuals and families. ” (US Department of Labor, 2010-11). Optimizing client functioning by providing quality services in an efficient and effective manner to people with complex needs.

Being a caseworker requires a strong foundation of training, values, knowledge, theory and skills. Clients who have been identified as in need as the result of an outreach or referral service can be assisted by a caseworker, which must then conduct face-to-face assessments of the client’s strengths and weaknesses, as to conduct research for financial and or institutional recourses that may be available for the client’s individual needs. Many resources may be used in this process to insure the client receives some if not all the requested needs.

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Some of the responsibilities are as follows: In a case where a client came to me and requested assistance to escape from an abusive husband, I would assist her first by analyzing her situation to properly resolve her immediate needs, such as shelter, food, clothing and etc. We would then progress to other needs such as legal, emotional and psychological support. Researching outside sources would become the most of priority to give the client the help she is requesting. We will also have many clients come forth with substance abuse problems as well.

Again we must analyze his or her situation to determine what resources are available for the client. Whether it be simple counseling or a rehab center. We must then try talking to the client about what they think the best treatment plan would be for themselves to overcome their addiction. These situations have to be handled gently as not to scare the client away. Developing a relationship to the client is very important in this situation. Once this has been accomplished the client will be more acceptable to change and be prepared to move on to outside agencies or support groups to assist with their addiction.

A Caseworker must also meet the required education standards which are as follows: “The social work case manager shall have a baccalaureate or graduation degree from a social work program accredited by the council on social work education. ” (Workers, International Federation of Social) A social worker must also use professional skills for all clients they attempt to assist, while keeping the information confidential. They must also be knowledgeable as to the resources that are available to the client, as well as knowing the cost of such resources.

The caseworker should be sure they can handle the caseload they attempt to assist as to not leave anyone out. Being very committed to our job is one of the main keys to being a successful caseworker. A Caseworker will also experience many challenges along the way. These challenges will have to be handled with a smile and lots of patients as to not let the client see that you may be distressed. Although there are many challenges we will face along the way, one of the main ones is the case overload. Many caseworkers today have an over abundance of cases at one time.

This problem causes the paperwork process to be slow and seem as though we are not doing our job, causing the client to become frustrated and feel as if they are not getting your full attention. Being able to communicate with the client should be of utmost importance as well as assuring them that you will in fact complete their case as soon as possible. There are also many stress outlets that come along with our profession as well. We may face this on a daily basis as well. One of the most common in our field is rude clients and emotional attachment. The loyalty of a caseworker is often in the middle of a conflicting interest. ” (Workers, International Federation of Social) Meaning that as we do our jobs as caseworkers, we may also come across situations that we have encountered ourselves as a non-caseworker and actually experience some sort of favoritism to the case at hand, in turn we this could cause a conflict with the interest of your remaining clients. Caseworkers must remember the urgency of all of their cases not just the ones that mean the most to them.

Clients that become rude may only be acting in this manner because they feel as if they are being ignored and that they will not receive the proper assistance as quickly as they anticipated. This type of action may cause undue stress on the caseworker to complete their case. We must be able to some how assure the client we are working on their case as quickly as possible and they will be contacted as soon as it is complete. Handling stress that comes with being a caseworker can be quite challenging in itself. One of the first things I may try and do is try and remind myself of the reasons I chose to become a caseworker.

Though our jobs may be stressful in many ways we have to remember the desire we had or have to help those in need. We may also learn that just simple things like taking a walk or stopping and making a phone call to a friend or colleague can reduce the amount of negative energy we may be experiencing. Co-workers can be great stress relievers as they too experience the stress that is closely related to what you may be feeling at that time, after all we are here to help one another not only help the client in need, but those who work closest to us as well.

The reason I have chosen to become a Social Worker is that I have a strong desire to help those in need. No matter what their issue may be. I believe there is help out there for everyone. I want to be part of the reason some of the ones that are struggling in this world today will be able to find hope and succeed in their lives. Although my job will come with many challenges, requirements, and responsibilities, it will not let me forget the reward I will feel in my heart that someone somewhere is beginning a new life because we stopped long enough to let them no that they could.

Just as “Jane Addams, who is considered the mother of all social workers said: Civilization is a method of living, an attitude of equal respect for all men. She is known for being one of the most famous social workers of all times, using her training and education to do only good. ” (Article Pros , n/d) . I too hope I can be one of the greatest Social Workers of all times. Conclusion Although there are many responsibilities and requirements in the caseworker field of employment, and the job consists of lots of commitment and research to assist clients with their psychological and physical needs.

Case Workers must understand the complexity of all cases they have, as well as knowing who and where they need to refer the client to for their specific needs. Keeping in consideration the Caseworker poses so many challenges, stress and stress outlets, We as Caseworkers must remember that we are here to help those in need. They are like harmless children waiting to be saved from the world. Overcoming the many challenges and stressful situations is what we have been waiting to do our entire lives.

We just have to remember the compassion and desire to be a Caseworker is instilled in us and we should never forget its value to the client in need or ourselves. By doing all these things we can make a difference in the world one case at a time. Becoming a Caseworker is my life long dream. Being able to help those in need will give me the fulfillment in my life I have been missing for so many years. Just waking in the morning and knowing that I could possibly save someone’s life or even just give them a sense of belonging makes all the esponsibilities, requirements, challenges, stress and commitment worth the effort. References Bibliography Article Pros . (n/d). Retrieved May 2011, from www. articalpros. com/self-improvement/phycology/artical-665318. htm. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Us Department of Labor. (2010-2011). Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010-2011 Edition, Social Workers. Retrieved May 2011, from http://www. bls. gov/oco/ocos060. htm. Demand Media Inc. (1999-2011). http://ehow. com/about_514504_ caseworker-description-job-html. Retrieved May 2011 http://www. careerinformation. tml/e-p-a-c-s-c-a. (n/d). Retrieved May 2011 NASW National Association of Social Workers N. A. (2007). Retrieved May 2011, from www. socialworkers. org/pubs/code. asp. US Department of Labor. (2010-11). Http://www. bls. gov/oco/ocos060. htm. Retrieved May 02, 2011, from Bereau of labor Statistics: Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-2011 Edition, Social Workers Workers, International Federation of Social. (n. d. ). International Association of Schools of Social Work. (FSW, Editor) Retrieved May 2011, from http://www. ifsw. org/f38000032. htm.

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