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The narrative “Barn burning” seems to be an imperative one as it very evidently illustrates the typical fight between the "privileged" and the "deprived" categories plus reveals how an underprivileged man suffers when the law is rooted in taking the well-off man's side.

A further important idea of the story is that it looks at a truth-seeking issue that at what stage should an individual make a preference between what his blood relation(s) and / or kin deems and his personal morals or at what occasion should a youngster depart his parents home and limitations and quit, to make his own decisions?

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I suppose the reason that this fiction is important is because Faulkner inscribes it in such a manner that it fetches the booklover in and makes him/her empathize with Sarty and his honorable dilemma. The hero in this story is a child named Sarty Snopes, kid of Abner Snopes who is an arsonist. He is an unfortunate, forlorn, and bemused little boy who is at the kindness of his arrogant father Abner.

He is demoralized, immature and has a well-built sense of correct and incorrect. Sarty swears in aid of his father’s defense, and albeit he finds the fairness satisfying, he is indicting his father of the felonies he committed; Ab is Snopes opponent as well. Snopes has endured a very itinerant existence with panic and disgrace because of his father’s crimes.

This contradicts with his outlook of justice, correct and incorrect. Snopes eventually comes to the decision and alienated himself from the control of another man and capitulated to his own (Loges, 1998). In appreciating that Snopes becomes a rebel icon to the reader. References Loges, M. L. (1998), Faulkner's Barn Burning, Journal Title: The Explicator, Vol. 57 No. 1, pp. 44-45.

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