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Audio Production

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For my paper I chose the audio production and engineering relating to the Music field. Music is not only beats and rhymes; it is a statement of life, and now days a way to make a fortune. It relaxes, motivates and is a great hobby for the idol one. In addition to this Music has been around for more than a thousand years and has a very colossal impact on every existing culture while still developing with new innovative sounds, techniques and not to mention jobs. Today there are over 2 million jobs in the audio production and engineer field. People use music to relax and express one’s self as well as their culture.

Take the Native Americans as well as Africans Americans for example. They are infamous in using drums to beat for entertainment at gatherings. Denying that music is not a form of popular culture in my opinion is asinine. Over the broad plans of the scorching hot plantations which the field workers in the 1600’s worked; under these extreme inhumane living conditions the slaves were subjected to, they would hum tunes that would get them through their times of atrocity and calamity. With over a billion songs in existence today, it is hard to imagine that anyone has never heard a song before and for most people inspired by at least one of them.

There is a big controversy stating that rap music has, and is still influencing our younger generation and to certain amplitude I agree. The jails across America are being filled to capacity over violent confrontations in our streets. Many killings are occurring after bar and nightclub shootings from local gang members using drugs and playing rap music. Some of the music being listened to is introducing children to drugs sex and jail could this be all bad? Surly not! Studying the lyrics to some of your most hated rap songs my just provide you with some of the problems our society faces and the solutions that will help us surmount them.

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Audio Production

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