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Audio and Video Enhancements

The information highway has become the greatest pastime in the world.The generation coming to age at this particular time in history has been raised with video games and other devices to keep the brain active on an ongoing basis.The result has us facing a generation of youth who are easily bored.

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In an effort to fulfill their desire and keep them coming back, websites are leaning towards more surfer interaction. The more interaction with the user the more likely they are to return. This has owners of websites frantically searching for people who can ad the pizzazz of video and audio in an interactive format to engage people on a new level.

One particular website where you can see this in action is www. pogo. com. Here you can play games and interact with videos that change rapidly and offer distinct sounds that the player becomes familiar with in order to better play the game. One such game is Word Whomp. On the opening screen of this game you have seven scrambled letters being held by seven groundhogs. As you choose the letters to form words the little animals get dizzy as if they were hit on the head. Sounds accompany this interaction that makes the game more interesting.

If the player is unable to make a word, or pauses a long time, the groundhogs holding the letters will go to sleep. If the player misspells several words in a row they become disgusted with him/her. Pogo is just one example of how interactive video and audio enhance the experience of visiting their website. There are many others that are educational as well. These enhancements are becoming commonplace on the Internet. The interesting thing to watch for is what websites will do when the youth of today get bored with audio and video interaction? References Word Whomp. (n. d. ). Retrieved on January 2, 2007, from www. pogo. com.

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